The Chapel Project Part III – Servo-Skull-

To say I am excited about this project would be a massive understatement…

For the brief see the link……..

Those who would brave The Chapel

My very first ever Servo Skull model. Although this one has a droid head in place of a human skull but there is also a skull involved too.

It’s full name is SERVUSVIIIXXVI.

It is a Guardian-Skull, enslaved to one being, Lord Inquisitor Gustav Malice (More on him in an upcoming post).

The unit itself is decades old but it’s true origin is mostly unknown. However there is a faded stamp on it’s metal hover bed that reads “Baal Secundus”. Gustav Malice bought the damaged drone from an old merchant on the dusty streets of a mining moon, that no longer exists, thirty years ago. He had his Acolyte, at the time, repair the small slave machine relic and add a weapons system to it.

Despite it being purely made of bionics it appears to have some semblance of character about it. No doubt due to it’s on board logi-sysytem which is in a constant state of learning and updating itself. However one can’t help but think it is a living breathing entity. It’s “nature’tends to be one of malignant narcissism and sarcasm.

It’s long range sensors, auto-targeting, data collecting and navigating facilities make it a very useful tool when out in the field. Unfortunately when not in the field it is all but redundant and is not programmed to perform any inane chores.



20 thoughts on “The Chapel Project Part III – Servo-Skull-”

    1. That’s weird man because you’ve described another model I have coming up but I haven’t posted. I was going to on this post but decided to do them separately. The other weird thing is I still can’t see what you’re seeing haha. I feel kind of cheated haha. I’ll post him up today.

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