The Chapel Project Part V – The Walker –

The project/Saga continues…

See the brief here…

Those who would brave The Chapel

The submission below is my “Walker” for the Retinue. Usually a Dreadnought or something but this guy behaves and has just as much menace as a Dreadnought so I hope it works. Let me know Heresy.

RenaDark – is part man, part cybernetics and ALL weapon!

His history is a mixture of nightmare and myth.

Recruited into the Guard at the age of 14 he served the first few years as a Comms operator. He caught the eye of a Veteran Sergeant Guardsman who basically kidnapped him and forced him to join his Special Ops squad. He served with the squad for nearly a decade, learning everything from killing with his bare hands to repairing Leman Russ Tanks.

After an unsuccessful mission deep behind enemy lines he was captured, in a half dead state, by a Mad Ork Warboss called DoomFella. DoomFella had his mechanics work on the guardsman and attached a Big Shoota in place of his left arm. They also tampered with his genetic make up in attempt to make him more Ork-Like. This experiment failed, dismally, and the man appeared to die. The Orks considered eating the corpse but voted against it because of all the concoctions they had injected into him. They threw his body onto the scrap heap and forgot about him. A week or so later the Ork base was attacked by several platoons of Dark Angels. It was the Dark Angels Librarian, Ezriekal, who found the body of the Guardsman. He knew, at a glance, that the man had been experimented on. He was bigger than any normal sized human, his muscles were more Orkish than human. He had the body brought aboard his own cruiser. Ekriekal had his Medicae team work on the body to see if it could be brought back from the dark. Fortunately, there was a spark of life left in the trooper and over the next few months the man became almost human again. His face had been horribly disfigured so an ancient Marine mask was surgically fixed to him. The open wound, where the left arm had once been, was fixed with a multi Gatling lasgun. The Librarian also gave his new project a name “RenaDark”. He appointed RenaDark as his personal guard. For the next several years all was well until the battle of Logan where 95% of the Dark Angel Regiment was wiped out by a Chaos horde. The survivors were shipped back to base. RenaDark was severely damaged both physically and mentally. That’s when Inquisitor Malice found him and took him on.





FYI – Since taking these snaps I have drilled out the barrels of the Storm Bolter.

FYI – I was inspired to give him a touch of Orange after seeing Alex’s most recent post. See here…

The future’s bright – the future’s Orange!



16 thoughts on “The Chapel Project Part V – The Walker –”

  1. Suitably intimidating chap there, all the more so with his scenic base. I also really like the backstory you give your figures, even if they do tend to be a bit traumatic!

    Seriously though, it’s very enjoyable getting an insight into the background of your well conceived slice of the 40k universe.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That’s the fella! He’s really cool mate – powerful, dangerous, and I really like the mask… there’s a touch of Kylo Ren about him! Nice work on those flesh tones too 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahh yeah you’re right there is a bit of Kylo. I only watched episode VII a few days before making RenaDark. I’ve been wanting to use a space marine head for ages. On a non-space marine model I mean. Such an iconic head.

      Liked by 1 person

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