The Chapel Project Part VI – Servitor Complete –

When there is nothing but sand and scorched black rock it’s hard to imagine anything living, breathing and surviving in such a place.

It takes a certain type of being to not only exist in harsh, baron landscapes but to thrive.

Many drifters and explorers have passed through these lands. Some have perished and some have barely got through it with their lives and sanity. Many travellerseave behind items of importance. One such traveller left behind his Servitor.

Over time this abandoned servitor evolved from being a mindless slave into a hunter and stalker. A true survivor of the harsh lands.


On one of his more daring ventures into a campsite one morning the hunter was captured. He was beaten into submisssion before being sold to Inquisitor Malice.

Now he is a prized possession but, unlike most seevitors, he is treated, nearly, as an equal.

He is loyal to his master and serves without question but he is also rewarded.

His name is Ohkan.


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