Another non-hobby related post. Bees, poor bastards!

Ok……. So……. After the, critically acclaimed, success of my last non-hobby related post I think it’s only fair, to the people, that I share some more useless knowledge I acquired today at work.

The conversation started with… “Hey ladies, I posted about a polar bear screaming while it poops on my blog yesterday”. Needless to say I captured their attention. Then one of the ladies stole my thunder by telling me this…


Male Bee’s only have sex once because when they climax their testicles explode!!


NOT UNLESS THE DECEPTICONS FIND A RATHER ATTRACTIVE FEMALE ROBOT (or male robot, we don’t really know bumblebees sexuality.)

Ohhh how I laughed.

FYI – Have no fear fellow hobby enthusiasts I will be getting back to the beloved hobby this weekend but there might just be another non-hobby post coming along shortly. I said hobby three times in that sentence.



One thought on “Another non-hobby related post. Bees, poor bastards!”

  1. There’s really no answer to that, you just hope to god that it was good for them (though if his testacies actually explode you imagine that she must have been doing something right!).

    Cheers Roger.

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