What a 38 year old man does home alone for the weekend.

With my wife and children gone for the weekend there’s only one thing for it.

Dress up as a Jedi Knight and make some terrain and paint some minis.


What I hope to achieve over the next 48 hours is the following:

* Start/finish a new game board with scatter terrain.

* Finish off the The Chapel Warband Minis. (Still another 5 to go I think).

* Drink beer and eat junk food and chocolate.

* Take photos and write up a post of what I achieved.

* I also need to mow the lawns.

Who knows I might just be drunk the whole time but the Force is with me so we shall see.






28 thoughts on “What a 38 year old man does home alone for the weekend.”

    1. I imagine Pres Trump has someone else to mow his lawns, now if it was his wife in a Leia slave girl outfit (and I bet she’s got one!) that would be worth seeing.

      He’s more your “Jabba the hutt” type person I feel. ( Just to note I have no strong political feelings for him either way, but that’s how I see him).

      Cheers Roger (in the UK by the way).

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