The Throne of Bones

A little while ago I read this…


If you’re into a more macabre fantasy world it’s definitely worth picking up a copy.

The title itself is evocative. Imagine a Throne made of bones?!

Well I did and then I made one.

I was going to try and make the whole thing from bones, which would be very cool, but I didn’t but have enough skeletons and bones etc.

Instead I went for a more old school kind of look. A bit dungeons and dragons a bit He-Man. Maybe even a bit old ye Warhammer-ish too.

I’m particularly happy with the Book of the Dead left on the seat of the throne.

The chain is a real chain my wife donated to me from her collection of old jewelry.


19 thoughts on “The Throne of Bones”

  1. Very nice work mate, I like the bells hanging from the top, and as said above a naked female would be a great addition chained to that post (but who wouldn’t want a naked female chained to their post?). Might have to pinch this idea at some point and make my own.

    Cheers Roger.

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