Pirates, but I haven’t forgotten the Chapel.

You may have noticed I haven’t posted in a few weeks, which is a long time for me.

I won’t go into why, let’s just say it’s just life.


I have been liking, commenting, reading and looking at all your lovely posts though.

One such blog that I have spent long periods of time mulling over is this one here…


Simply amazing stuff and Mikko’s posts and work on Pirates has inspired me a great deal. I have added a pirate island to my long list of projects/ideas/dreams. Not only are Pirates just visually iconic and cool but their history is an incredible read. We are all familiar with the Hollywood types but the real ones were so much more imposing! Have a read about Sir Francis Drake.

So my loose idea, at this stage, is to have a large island surrounded by water. Not sure if it’ll just be painted or what yet. Any ideas? The island will be segmented into four provinces. Each of which will have its own Governor and bands of pirates, militia or marines or a mix of all three. Plus town folk and unsavoury characters. Needless to say that all four provinces are at war with each other. Sometimes there are treaties that are often broken etc. I’ve been looking for ships and found three Mega Blok ships on eBay for next to nothing. These will be my first additions to the project. I plan on converting them and getting rid of all those meg blok (Lego-like) knobs. It’ll be time consuming but fun too.

In other news, I have started working on some terrain pieces for the Chapel Project – see here –

Those who would brave The Chapel

I have also transformed the living room into a half hobby room half creative arts room. Our old spare room, which is quite large is now our sitting room where we watch our movies etc.


when i I have finished the terrain pieces I will post them up. I haven’t done any further work on any minis but I am looking forward to getting back into it.





22 thoughts on “Pirates, but I haven’t forgotten the Chapel.”

  1. I reflected on the lack of updates just the other day. Great to see you back again. Life happens and proves that blogging is just blogging.

    Pirates! Arrgh! Oi, all hands on deck boys! Love it.

    Seen Black Sail?

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      1. The first few episods of the first season are quite a pain to watch – like a pirate masquerade with unwarrented nudity and corny sex scenes. But once you struggle past that you’ve got a series full of real geopolitical intrigue, land politics and the economics of piracy. Believable characters with good acting and dialogue. It’s brilliant really. One of my absolute favorites at the moment.

        And it got pirates doing pirate stuff.

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  2. Gyaarrrr! Avast me hearty, glad to see you’re still around! Looking forward to seeing your pirates (perhaps including a film crew for making pirate movies? Or, perhaps a little more sensibly, some Ork Freebootas?)

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  3. Looking forward this immensely who doesn’t love a bit of Pirate’y goodness. Where are you getting the figures from? Irregular miniatures do some really nice ones in 28mm (and a few of the painted examples on the web-site are by me!).

    “Mega-blok knobs” , I see Lego missed out on the 50 shades of grey franchise then?

    Cheers Roger.

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  4. Thanks for the kind words, really looking forward to seeing your pirates and the plans sound super cool! I was about to go for the Megabloks ships too, as people have done some great work on them. Couldn’t find them easily in Finland though, so ended up getting a PotC one and a Playmobil one.

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    1. From what I’ve read and can tell the biggest issue with the MegBloks ones are all the little knobs that need to be cut off. I’m wondering if I can just lay timber/balsa wood over the top though. I’ve got three ships now but I am snowed under with other projects at present.

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