Every now and then you strike Gold.

Emperor knows why this Blog hasn’t been discovered? No comments or likes usually means no views but I find it so hard to believe. Last night I was, like I’m sure many if you do, typing hobby related things into the WordPress search engine and found a wonderful Golden Nugget!

See here…


I was so excited but it was the wee hours so I quickly “liked” just about everything I saw and then went back for a more intense look this morning. The conversion work is incredible all stemming from a twisted imagination.

5 stars!

Enjoy and share.



14 thoughts on “Every now and then you strike Gold.”

    1. I started with the same mind set. It was a place to document all my bits and pieces. I found by reaching out to others helped generate interest in my own work. The reach out he to come from a genuine place though. The majority of people I follow are just as into the hobby as I am, or even more so actually.

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      1. I started with the innocent question to my mates of: Someone really ought to write our battles up, and post it with pictures to stop clogging all our e-mail accounts up.

        It was then pointed out, I was the guy who had a webmaster’s role…talk about shooting myself in the foot.

        Ironically, only half of them look at it, and most of my blog site’s traffic is from people I;’ve never met, and strange cat fanatics who love the interaction of my cats and wargames sessions.

        Go figure.

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