The Chapel Project Part VII – Two Brothers

It’s been a while, well only a month but a long time for me.

I am really loving this project. All the people involved are creating some amazing work from converted minis to fluff to just plain old fashioned awesomeness!

I honestly feel very privileged to be a part of The Chapel Project.

Two Brothers – Two Henchman

Ubica Deathseeker –






Corvale Deathseeker –






These two brothers are two years apart in age but almost identical in personalities. They raised themselves in the wild woods of Gorebitten West, from the age of eight and ten after their parents were murdered in front of them.

They operate well as individuals but even better as a team. They can anticipate each other’s every deadly move. They think the same. They fight the same and they’ll no doubt die the same but not yet… Not yet.

27 thoughts on “The Chapel Project Part VII – Two Brothers”

      1. Funny you should say that, because that is exactly how I have always imagined Space Marines going into battle. Sort of like ancient Greek heroes (Achilles, Odysseus, etc), they are god-like warriors and have weak little retainers following them around carting extra spears, swords, javelins, etc. The Space Marines would fight away with a gaggle of servitors carrying their ammo, banners, spare weapons, etc!

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      2. I like it. Although I think “servitors” are the more higher ranking slaves. In my mind, feeble minded and weaker imps would just simply carry stuff or reload weapons or feed their masters grapes hehe. I might make a couple of imps for these two brothers.

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  1. I love these. The missing bits of armour and the Ork bit substituted distort the scale wonderfully, breaking them up and make them look fundamentally OFF. Have a Blanche Point (they can’t be redeemed for valuable coupons, but they look nice on the mantelpiece).

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      1. It looks ace, I’ve always been a fan of iron armour and it looks good on the sort of power armoured dudes. Where the line between human and post human are blurred. Also, liking the paint job.

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