AOS28 -another project for my looooong list.


So true Mr Burchard, so true but alas here I find myself, yet again.

Antother project added!

Those of you with a pulse and a liking for dismembering bodies to make new and interesting bodies may have already heard of AOS28.

For those of you that haven’t, it’s basically INQ28 meets Age of Sigmar. What next? Ultramarines meets Mordheim? Wow, yes please!

The good people over at ExProfundis have a whole page dedicated to this lovely new concept/game.

For me, I just go wow more models to convert and name and fluff to come up with Yay!

To give you an idea of what has already been built check this, mind boggling picture out…


I love warbands and INQ28. Never played the game but I just love the freeform imagination that goes into the minis and fluff. It consumes me. So now why not have a fantasy type INQ Warband too? I can’t believe no one thought of the idea before.

I have some loose ideas already for some Bretonnian minis I have but I am determined to stick to what is in front of me right now… The Chapel Project. I actually have a bit of a deadline which is both playing on my mind but also driving me to get it done. Pressure makes diamonds!

Let me know if you’re inspired to make your own AOS28 Warband and tell me all about it.





10 thoughts on “AOS28 -another project for my looooong list.”

  1. There are plenty of non-complex rulesets that you could use those with – Song of Blades and Heroes is a particularly friendly one to adapt any figures that you want into a game. Available as a book or an inexpensive .pdf

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  2. Wow this certainly looks to be “right in your wheelhouse” as they say, but you can defiantly have too many projects on the go, so it might be an idea to finish (do we wargamers ever finish anything!), before you get sucked into another project.

    Still you can always just ignore me and do what makes you happy!

    Cheers roger.

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  3. I think this sort of thing has been ticking along for many years, (Realm of Chaos warbands spring to mind), but AoS as a ruleset does seem to open up more options! In my usual way, I’m hoping to make some of my Chapel stuff work in either setting 😉

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  4. I really like how the AoS community has developed – I never got that excited about the old WHFB. AoS28 is a cool development which I intend to follow, but not participate in for now. I have enough to do with my current 30k & Inq28/Chapel dabbling. Again – really love what you are doing here IRO and it really does tempt me to do something AoS28 related later in the year perhaps . . .

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