AOS28 – Part 1 – The Baddies

OK, so I couldn’t help myself and had a dabble and made some bad guys. “Baddies.”

As you can see I was very much inspired by the work going on over ar ExProfundis.

Up tonight we have four evil looking dudes.


Master of arms – Mr Vex


The Anti-Priest – Kaldeer






I hope you like them. There will be more to come but for now it’s back to the Chapel for me.



17 thoughts on “AOS28 – Part 1 – The Baddies”

      1. Aren’t AOS mini 28mm then? I always thought they were, though I must admit to never actually having seen any AOS minis in the flesh (as it were).

        Cheers Roger.

        Oh and that third dude is freaking me out!

        Liked by 1 person

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