The Chapel Project Part VIII -The Wytch of Thorn Pass

Every place has an entry…

The Albino woods are dense with colourless trees and scrub. It is a cold, mystical and foreboding place that both intrigues people and fills their sleep with nightmares. However at the northern entry of the vast white forest curious travellers will find a pass splashed with colour but mostly of Crimson. It could be mistaken as a reserve of rare flora, a peaceful garden, if it wasn’t for the long writhing tentacles riddled with razor sharp thorns. The keeper of the Pass is Corlina Rayne a cannibal, a taker of souls and a cruel and heartless Wytch. Her skirt is made from the rotting flesh of those who answer her riddles incorrectly. Her long tongue plunges down the throats or stabs directly into the heart to retract the soul before she feasts on the flesh.  She will give you only one riddle, one chance, and if  Corlina likes your answer she might possibly let you pass.

So answer her now…

What has five fingers but is not a hand?


This model is not part of my Retinue. She’s just something I came up with for the Narrative element of The Chapel. I hope that’s ok Mr Heresy?


22 thoughts on “The Chapel Project Part VIII -The Wytch of Thorn Pass”

      1. Is there a deadline? Finishing up #Squaduary. Painting Drycha for #MonsterMarch. GW North America has a painting contest that ends in May. I want to get as many units done as possible to increase my chances of winning.

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