Pirate ships

Ahoy tharr me heartys

Haha why does SPONGEBOB come to mind right now?

I recently acquired three, yes three pirate ships. They are manufactured by Mega Bloks (cheaper version of Lego).

Ive got to say I can’t wait to convert my THREE new toys… err models into proper wargaming ships.

From what I’ve read so far the biggest bastard is snipping or filing off all those Lego stumps/pegs/bits. I am considering going straight over the top of them with timber planks (miniature ones) but will need to measure it all up first. The next thing, from what I’ve read is the challenge of Un-Toying it. Making it look like a kick arse pirate ship as opposed to a really cool Lego-like toy.

I thought I’d share some pix of what they look like in their current form.

The Scourge –



The Iron Maiden –


The Rogue Trader –


It’ll be a while before I get stuck in to these and this epic pirate project but I am very much looking forward to it. It has also bumped the que. I’ll be tackling this project before the Bolt Action one. Then again, with my mind, you never know what is going to happen next.

For now though The Chapel Project continues!




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