The Chapel Project Part IX – “The Abandoned Stronghold”

img_1506img_1507img_1509img_1510img_1511img_1513img_1515img_1516img_1517img_1514img_1519img_1520The Chapel Project continues…

Long ago, before the woods turned a ghostly dead white, an expedition force landed at The Chapel. Not much is known about this small militant force. What Knowledge has been acquired has come from part Lore and part guess work. Pieces of their story have been woven together from items that remain in their wake. These items range from old broken rifles to square mechanical boxes full of rusted cogs and frayed wire. However one thing that has remained, mostly intact, is their stronghold. Long since abandoned and scavenged from by town folk and travellers the building itself stands firm. Almost defiantly. The rusted gun turret is older than time, it’s barrels clogged with ash, mud and mould. It’s tiled roof, that has surprisingly held reasonably firm, is made from an unrecognisable material. The antennae still stands tall and proud but cannot transmit or receive anything. The door and gate has been perfectly sculpted by a, no doubt, well experienced stone mason and blacksmith. The interior of the building is empty, cold and dark. Most people, apart from the idiotic and senseless, do not venture into the stronghold because there is an air of Malice surrounding the building. Something unexplained but almost tangible.

I was commissioned to produce three terrain pieces for the beloved Chapel Project. This is the first and biggest.

I hope you like it.





24 thoughts on “The Chapel Project Part IX – “The Abandoned Stronghold””

  1. At first glance it looks like a terrain piece for some generic fantasy game but the details betray it. Once you start to really look at it, it is plain that this is 40k. Well done, mate. Well done.

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    1. Hehe well we have converted our large study into a sitting room for movies etc. What was once the living room is now a creative/study/art area. Also, this piece and two others someone soon are being sent to the UK for the Chapel game/project. Thanks for commenting.

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