The Chapel Project Part X – The Invite

Did you ever stand there at school while two team captains picked who they wanted on their teams hoping you wouldn’t be chosen last?

I did, up until I had a fight with the class bully then I was the captain dammit and picked all the kids who didn’t usually get picked first. Haha.

Today is a great day!

Ive been seeing posts from other Chapel participants proudly showing off their official invite from Heresyofus. After each post I would tell my wife and then say, quietly, I really hope I get an invite too.

Today is a GREAT day!

I first received a note in my letterbox that there was a parcel to be picked up from the post office.

I checked my eBay account and thought hmm I haven’t bought any miniature legs, heads etc. Then it hit me and I felt like a 15 year old girl who had just been asked to the Prom!! Haha. Well maybe not quite.



Now, I’m not even sure if I can attend but I’m going to try dammit. I don’t even know how to play INQ28 or any other wargame properly. I don’t care though. Just the fact that I was chosen to be a part of this project has put a huge smile on my face.

Thanks Mark.





18 thoughts on “The Chapel Project Part X – The Invite”

      1. LOL! I wonder what they thought? “Looks like sumsorta cult to me, Fred.” On the other hand, they’ve probably seen it all at customs.

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