The Chapel Project Part XI – The Hovel

Around and in the Albino Woods you’ll find all number of dwellings. From torn apart old tents to rusted hulls of vehicles or delapitaed mud brick structures and shanty type buildings. Nearly all have either been used to exhaustion or forgotten all about to slowly fall apart and rot. One small building deep in the darkest parts of woods remains standing, reasonably strong. It looks as though it may have been a very small church, or part of one that was barricaded for defence. The barbed wire and timber are still quite durable despite the rust and mould. Over one of the crumbled walls a large iron tank plate has been crudely fitted. If you look close you’ll see patches of blood and one is lead to imagine this grim hovel as being a last stand for some poor souls. Whoever manned this tiny post has long gone. The only sign that soldiers or soldier once held his ground here is the solitary rusted lasrifle on the look out on top of the hovel.

This is my second terrain submission for the Chapel Project



29 thoughts on “The Chapel Project Part XI – The Hovel”

  1. very nice as always, but I hop it doesn’t rain much, as there not a lot of weather protection there (reminds me of the shed in my back garden, that I need to pull down at some point!).

    Cheers Roger.

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      1. Not as yet. I would like to aim for July. My wife and child are away for two weeks soon so I’ll be able to make some proper advancements on the board πŸ™‚ I should have a better idea of when it’ll happen after that. If you do make it over you’ll be plunged into bloody warfare that may see you triumphant or soul damned!! But by all means take many pictures πŸ˜‰

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      2. Hmm ok. I need you to know that I have never actually played a proper table too wargame. Only a very simplified bastardised version of Space Crusade haha. I wouldn’t want to hinder the fun for anyone else with my lack of knowledge or skills haha.

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  2. Really awesome terrain, it looks so real. I’m sure I’ve seen somewhere like that when I’ve been rambling through a forest. What’s your method for painting the wood. Light brown drybrushed up with greys?

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