Yay – I found my old rule book

When I was twenty years old I started dating a girl, my second serious girlfriend. As we often do when we first start dating, I still try to now with my wife, for the record, we try to impress! The way my, then girlfriend, impressed me was by buying me the 40k starter set. She’d seen my metal catachans and went out and bought me a large box of goodies.

Its funny because, even though I was very pleased with the gift, my priority was trying to be cool, going out and umm well… spending time with the gf. Therefore I didn’t really get stuck into playing it or even painting anything. I think I was a little put off by the Dark Eldar to be honest. Anyway for the next ten years I’d pick up the thick rule book and endeavour to try and make sense of it but would always end up looking at the pictures and daydreaming about collecting and painting cool minis. For the last seven years I thought I’d lost the rule book, there was a break up bla bla. Anyway my ex (the girlfriend back then) gave me a box of my old books a while ago that I’d kind of forgotten about. Today I opened it up and Wow! The rule book. Yay! Now as an older and I hope somewhat more patient man I hope to finally learn the rules haha. Even if I end up having a few games on my todd I’d still like to learn the basics. The version my mates and I rarely play, if I can convince them, is a weird bastardised and simplified version of Space Crusade haha.


Brilliant artwork

The below were my favourite pictures to drool over.


If anyone knows who this guy is let me know.



11 thoughts on “Yay – I found my old rule book”

  1. The Black Legion Chaos marine is a metal 2nd ed era Space Marine Sergeant who has been converted by having his chest eagle filed off, spikes added to his legs, and a Chaos backpack. It is pretty stock though it’s just the paintjob making him look evil! You should be able to find one on eBay pretty easily if you look for a while. And I’m not in contact with any of my exes. Is that weird?

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  2. I really like flipping through the old 40k and Fantasy rulebooks. Lots of great art and little stories that help flesh out the universe. The Blanche cover art is one of the all time greats, I have a print of it hanging over my hobby desk.

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  3. Third edition was a great rebirth for 40k. They stripped the bloat and bullshit and (most importantly) herohammer out of the game and streamlined it. Unfortunately since then, all of that has been layered back in in an uncontrollable way resulting in the current clusterfuck of rules that is 7th edition.

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