The Chapel Project Part XII – The Oubliette

A cellar, a basement, a dungeon, a dark confined space tends to run chills up the spine.

The Oubliette is worse than all these things. It’s a dark and dank hole in the ground with a metre thick iron wall all around it and only one thick, solid, iron door above. It’s deep too, almost 5 metres. Any soul  unfortunate enough to be kept in it can only be dragged out by someone above with a hooked javelline.

So who was/is kept here?

Going by the rusted trap door and control box it has been some time since it was in use. However a rotten book bound in human and animal skin sits atop the control box. The first mouldy page is an instruction list on how to operate the iron door. The next few pages are instructions on how to conduct a bizarre and bloody sacrificial ritual. Then, the rest of the book, is filled with names and ages. Men, women and childrens names all scrolled into this macabre document.

And what of the blood and four, now broken, wooden posts or pillars?

Well friends this was where many sacrifices were performed. Hundreds and hundreds according to the long list of names.

What isn’t mentioned or explained is why?

So here we have my third and final terrain piece for the Chapel Project.

I wanted the dried blood to resemble the blood spatter on the “invite box”.

I hope you like it.





20 thoughts on “The Chapel Project Part XII – The Oubliette”

    1. I wasn’t going to do a group shot at first but then I lined them up and though hmm pretty cool. Plus the length of the Oubliette piece lines up perfectly with the larger stronghold. Thanks for commenting Pete.


  1. Cool! There is undoubtedly something horrifying about the thought of an oubliette – literally ‘forgotten place’… sends a shiver down the spine. Small suggestion – that old blood looks a bit on the bright side – have you had a play with a darker effect? I think that would give that dried in look you’re after… That said, it’s a brilliant piece, and the three work together beautifully!

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  2. I remember seeing an oubliette once, though they didn’t call it that, at a fort that I toured as a kid. The thought of it does indeed send a bit of a shiver down the spine in a Poesque “buried alive” sort of way.

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  3. Urgh, that’s really quite foul. In a very cool and well-executed way, of course.
    The thing that disturbs me more than anything else is the idea of hundreds of names being written into the ritual book – maybe it’s the clinical detachment required to list the names of your victims like it’s a shopping list. Great work once again.

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