The Chapel Project Part XIII – The Fanatics

The lands are rife with cults, sects, heretics and religious fanatics.

One of the smaller and lesser known groups is called “motus est animo damnatione” – loosely translated to Soul damnation movement.

Their belief is that all living things have a soul and all the souls of the living are damned.

They march on and on, incessantly, chanting their morbid hymns and calling for all to take their own wretched lives to release their damned souls.

Their small group consists of a leader and two, soulless looking, musicians.

Brother Sombría…

An intense man with a long, brooding and menacing stare. He spews out his own passionate and macabre sermon to all he passes by. If you’re unfortunate he will corner you, towering over you and scream his maniacal verses at you.


The two musicians.


They don’t talk much and when they do it’s in child like whispers. Their music is timeless, soulless and painful to hear. It is laced with menace and dread.

This morbid musical troupe have often disappeared into the Albino woods, sometimes for months at a time. Each time they return they are a little more lost and insane but ever so more determined to preach their unholy message.




24 thoughts on “The Chapel Project Part XIII – The Fanatics”

  1. Oh wow I love these! Especially the guy with the drum; His pose is spot on.
    I bet they’d be interesting to play, everyone in proximity has to pass a check otherwise they kill themselves haha

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  2. Misfits and Dead Kennedys are cool, Nirvana were alright but when they and grunge were big I was more into the Norweigan Black Metal scene and Doom metal (both of which I still listen too). Other than that I spent my late teens/ early 20s on the fringes of the industrial scene listening to all sorts of wierd stuff. DJ’d in alternative clubs a bit too.



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    1. That’s cool man. I dabbled in the darker metal stuff. Black metal. When it came to industrial metal I really only got into fear factory for a while but tired of the sound of their bass drum. It was too poppy.


      1. Fear Factory is a name I’ve not heard in a long time. Was a massive Skinny Puppy fan back then, one of my all time favourite bands. Up there with Swans. BM wise it has to be Emporer.



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      2. Haha skinny puppy, I forgot about them. Are they still going? I got in to Ramstein in a big way in the early 2000’s I think it was. Didn’t know what the shit they were singing about but it was heavy and thumping! Sounded great cranked up in the car.

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      3. Rammstien did some classic tunes- industrial party music really. Skinny Puppy are still going, although I’ve not kept up with all their recent relases as much as I should have. They never really topped the ‘Too Dark Park’/ ‘Last Rights’ era for me.

        What were you thinking of for the Chapel project music- wise? I can recommend some unsettling ambient albums.



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      4. I’m a bit of a muso and have a digital recorder so I reckon I’ll dabble with something myself and make a disc. A mix of electronica and acoustic sounds. Maybe some mournful screams and moans mixed in with gregorian type chants.

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