The Chapel Project Part XIV – Inquisitor Gustav Malice

Gustav was born into slavery and never knowing his mother or father he was raised by some of the more good natured slaves. From a very early age he learnt how to get what he wanted through trickery and manipulation. As he developed into a young man he discovered he was skilled at fighting with both his bare hands and practically and sort of weapon. Gustav was noticed for his skills by a slave trader who sold him to a pit fighter organisation. He very quickly learnt to fight for his life and also developed a liking for the adrenalin rush that came with life and death battle. Before his 21st birthday Gustav had become the most notorious pit fighter in the North West Sector of, what was once, Xylo Cross. He even adopted a new name “Malice”.
For the next eight years he reigned supreme in pits across the galaxy until he and several others banned together to escape their fate. For the next few years he was an outlaw and smuggler until a near death experience with a Dark Eldar scouting party made him question life and his purpose. He was tired of being on the run and wondered how else he could use his skills? It wasn’t long before Gustav Malice became a bounty hunter and the hunted became the hunter.
Through chase after chase, conviction after conviction and execution after execution the, once outlaw slave, became a walking contradiction. No longer did he see the right in wrong. Now he was all about the greater cause and bringing the most fiendish to justice.
It was only natural that he would become an apprentice to an Inquisitor. However it would be many years in servitude before he himself would become an inquisitor in his own right.



Ok I’ll confess… I made this model to be a psyker but the more I looked at him and then as I started to paint him he just oozed Inquisitor-ness. Haha.

This has caused two things to happen.

1. I need to now make another model for the Psyker.

2. What do I do with the original Inquisitor model?

Ahh well, first world problems ey?

I am pleased with this model from the conversion to the finished paint job. Instead of washes over the whole model I only used some on his head. I used dry brush with black to create the weathered dirty look this time and think it looks good. The turquoise on the long coat was a risk but turned out well and gives him an air of royalty and/or authority.

Now, one of my favourite things about this model is the base. This base was included in the invite from Heresy Of Us. Thanks Mark!!

I hope you like the leader of my little Warband.

Stay tuned for more for the Chapel Project, including a couple more henchmen, an acolyte and the Psyker (once I’ve made a new one).




17 thoughts on “The Chapel Project Part XIV – Inquisitor Gustav Malice”

  1. Very nice mate – love that turquoise and gold! He definitely has an inquisitorial vibe going on, but one can’t help noticing the interesting symbol he has hanging from his belt… The affectation of an unorthodox Inquisitor, or a sign of a man who is not all he seems perhaps?

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  2. Gosh, you’ve been busy! Nice work on the gold and well done with the tiny writing in the book, always nice to see someone taking the time to do that. Like Alex I did wonder about that sigil on his belt though. A loyal servant of the Golden Throne would do well to be very suspicious indeed… 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Nice work mate and glad you like and found a use for the base. The placement and pose are very good and the worn gold armour is really well done. Now I just need to catch you up! You’re on a roll!!

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