The Chapel Project Part XV – Henchman #4

Good evening/morning/… errr G’day.

Two posts in one day isn’t unheard for me but it has been done before.

Tonight I have for you Henchman number 4 for the Chapel Project.

If you missed the other Henchman for this particular Warband/retinue please see the links at the very bottom of this post.

Now as far as the Henchman go for this project only one remains to be painted, the dreaded Sergeant Invaris. More on him in the next post though.

Meet Devlyn.

Four words best describe him (excuse the French if you’re a lady, child or sensitive to bad language) – He Doesn’t Fuck About!

Think Vinnie Jones meets Vin Diesel and you’ll have a rough idea what his character is like.

Devlyn was born, as they say, with a silver spoon in his mouth into a very well to do family but he as he grew up he discovered that drugs, women and crime were a lot more entertaining that going to parades and balls. He robbed his own family at the age of 17 and took off with an ex convict and mercenary called Riddler. The pair wreaked havoc in every city they found themselves in and it wasn’t long before they both found themselves in prison. Riddler grassed on Devlyn in an attempt to get a lighter sentence. Devlyn found out and a few days later he literally skinned Riddler alive, killing him slowly in his cell. Devlyn escaped not long after but spent the next fifteen years in and out of prison. His time in these institutions only served to make him tougher, harder and even more violent. He became a stereotypical career criminal and stayed that way until Inquisitor Malice captured him. Malice put a gun in Devluns mouth and said join me or die now. Devlyn joined up and hasn’t looked back since. He’s mean, he’s scum but he is incredibly loyal but don’t cross him because, well, he doesn’t fuck about!



12 thoughts on “The Chapel Project Part XV – Henchman #4”

  1. That face combined with that grenade launcher is really cool. Like, really cool.
    I get Riddick vibes from him, like that scene in Riddick 2 when he’s in that prison to break out that girl (I watched it a fair while ago so the details are fuzzy). Awesome basing as well, he’s a mini-diorama.

    Liked by 1 person

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