The Chapel Project Part XVI – The Woodcutter –

What’s this…? A third post in one day? I’m a madman!

My beautiful  Wife is on night shift and the kids are watching High School Musical Aaaarrrrhhhhh!!!!!!! Haha. This may explain why I have hidden myself away in my dark, gloomy hobby corner.

I’ve been dabbling, cutting, gluing and experimenting a bit with odds and ends I have in my bits box lately. Trying to be creative and put to use all those bits that may not usually see the light of day.

I’ve been building additional characters for the Chapel Project. Not to be used in the game but simply to add more layers to the, already, dark world of the Chapel.

This next one I quite like. The Woodcutter! A mute individual who, when he does communicate, only uses gestures such as we see here… An open hand clearly saying “payment”.


The Woodcutter resides in the Albino woods and prefers the company of the trees than anything made of flesh and blood. He is a hermit and only ventures out of the woods when he needs money for food and supplies. It is said that he lives high up in a treehouse but no one has ever seen his home. Despite his shy manner and solitude life he can be quite demanding when he wants something. His trade, as his name states, is a Woodcutter. For a small price he will fell any tree. The trouble is he demands payment even if you haven’t asked him to lop a tree down. He simply approaches you and puts out his hand. If you give him something as payment he will return with timber cut to perfect wood fire sizes, unless stipulated otherwise. If you don’t pay him he will cut your hand off. If you still refuse to pay him after that he will chop off your other hand. His arms are as thick as trunks and he is immensely strong so very few have ever decided not to pay him. 



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