The Chapel Project Part XVII – Sergeant Invaris –

The Chapel Project continues and the excitement grows. After all, I could be heading to the UK in the next few months. It’s still only a maybe at this time but fingers crossed!

Sergeant Invaris is the youngest of Inquisitor Malices Retinue but he is far from inexperienced. He has lead the henchmen in the Warband for the last four years but before that he’d served nearly ten years in the Guard. It was in his last year in the Mighty 77th Cadian Regiment when he was horribly disfigured. A chaos power fist struck him on the left side of his face. He lost his left eye, most of his nose and all of his left cheek bone. Now his face has a deep reddish look to it and is sunken in. There was the opportunity to have his face reconstructed but he felt he looked a little less baby faced. Invaris is highly trained in all forms of combat and can even fly just about any kind of shuttle. His speciality is recon and heavy weapons. Before joining the guard he was just a young punk with no ambition. Even today he fashions himself as a bit of a punk but has all the skills of a veteran warrior.




15 thoughts on “The Chapel Project Part XVII – Sergeant Invaris –”

  1. I really like his beat-up face. One thing I’d like to see more of is disabilities and disfigurements that aren’t patched up with augmetics or sorcery – an outward sign of the broken core. His pink mohawk is a great touch as well – was he a ganger or did he pick it up on a world he served on?

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      1. The hobby is nowhere near the list of priorities at the moment. I have a pretty solid idea of what I want to make to finish the warband but time, buddy, there is no time.

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