The Chapel Project Part XVIII – The Fanatics “painted”

This small troupe is called “motus est animo damnatione” – loosely translated to Soul damnation movement.

The Fanatics March on and on across the Chapel and through the Albino woods playing their deadpan, monotonous and dreary music and reciting maniacal hymns and verses to people and to the darkness.

They are mostly ignored unless of course they manage to corner you and then preach at you aggressively.

The leader, Drum Major/Conductor

– Brother Sombria


Sombria conducts and leads the band on their endless march.

Sombria is an incredibly violent and unpredictable man. For instance, there used to be another six members to the band until he lost his temper with them.

The Drummer – Xyle


He lost his mind many, many years ago and is now a mess of nervous shakes and gibberish talk. His body constantly convulses which, in a way, seems to help with his drumming style. He hardly makes any sense when he talks and mostly keeps to himself.

The Horn-blower – Zed


Unlike Xyle, Zed is very calm. Too calm in fact, it’s like he is a walking dead… maybe he is? He is quiet and hardly speaks at all. When he does, it’s in whispered tones. When not playing his horn he keeps it cradled in his arms and whispers to it constantly.

The Standard bearer – Heck


Heck is more extrovert than the rest of the troupe and is known to sometimes sing, quite well in fact, while he marches along. He tries, desperately at times, to keep the overall mood lighter than it is but Brother Sombria and his dark soul usually puts an end to such shenanigans pretty quickly.

I very much enjoyed putting these together and painting them was fun too. The colour scheme was sort of pinched from fellow hobbyist and Wudugast – see here –

I like this little band a lot and feel they fit in well with the general theme of the Chapel. In my mind at least anyway haha.




23 thoughts on “The Chapel Project Part XVIII – The Fanatics “painted””

  1. Looking good mate, glad I was able to inspire you. They’re looking really good painted, I’ll admit I wasn’t too sure about Sombria before but he’s come together nicely (and of course the others are lovely and twisted).

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  2. I love how they’re both gaudy and dark, it’s very you 🙂 You’ve done a great job of making them look deranged, and I’ve got to agree with Mark; Your painting has got even better recently!

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  3. “They are mostly ignored unless of course they manage to corner you and then preach at you aggressively.”

    One might be inclined to fish around in one’s pocket for an odd copper coin, flick the lint of it and offer it saying, “Don’t spend it on drink,” and move on, except one would probably be too scared to do so. Best to either feint enthusiasm or trip your companion and run for it!

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