Kharadron Overlords

Look I’m sure you lot are all over this but COOL MODELS and BITS and WOW!!!

Steam punky dwarf looking dudes. Not usually into dwarfs but all those lovely bits would be cool for conversions!



18 thoughts on “Kharadron Overlords”

  1. Aye, these do look rather nifty, both as a source of bits and as models in their own right. And, as Azazel pointed out, they’d be a great basis for anyone wanting to make Squats (40k Space Dwarves which were discontinued many years ago, much to many a fan’s displeasure, hence the term “squatted” to mean a race being discontinued).

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  2. Those Duardin would be perfect for an Elder Scrolls Dwemer themed army, I’m almost tempted to ditch the Fyreslayers plan to get these guys instead. Ever time I’ve seen them, it’s harder to avoid them for purchase once they’re released. 🤤

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  3. Leadballoony you say?? Spiffing!
    I do quite like these guys, they are certainly better than the naked ginger fire-whotsits, though the jump-pack/personal balloon thing is a bit meh… They would certainly work as exo-armoured squats, though beware scale creep though – AoS tends to come up big, and they are probably as tall as 2nd/3rd ed 40k humans!

    Tell you what I really like though, and that’s the airship… I was looking for airships to use for counts-as Valkyries a few years back when doing my steampunk Praetorian guard. I may well delve into this at some point!

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  4. Yeah, I said ‘no more armies’ but then steampunk dwarven sky pirates and welp. One of them has a goddamn mechanical tophat for Christ’s sake. And the robot parrot…

    Let’s just say my Inq28 stuff will be blessed with the spare bitz from my new East Aqshy Trading Company AoS force.

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