The Chapel Project Part XIX – Mercenaries

The Mercenaries, also known as the Merciless Seven, are hired guns and bounty hunters. They are ruthless, deceitful, murderous thugs with the skills to match. They fear nothing but the Albino woods and, despite their abilities and courage they will not venture into the woods without an Ostium Guide.

More back story later but here are the model shots.




13 thoughts on “The Chapel Project Part XIX – Mercenaries”

  1. Neat, as always I think the gray scaled shots of unpainted miniatures are artistic, both in that it shows off the figure better and it lends a certain air to your ‘Chapel’ theme. You also do nice things with lighting.

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    1. Thanks Ann. I think getting the right atmosphere and lighting is important for photos. I’m no photographer, at all, but I think what’s the point of sharing what you’ve done of the picture quality is crap?! Thanks for commenting. Did you ever see my Ghouls post. The lighting on those pix was spot on.

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  2. These guys are awesome, I love how personalised they all are. They remind me a little of the Last Chancers, especially the bloke with the spear. Excellent kitbashing as well, I can’t name all of the bits but I know I see Men-at-Arms, Cultists, Skitarii, Scions and tons of others. Always fun to play ‘spot the bitz’.

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