AOS28 – Part 4 – Ok now the baddies are complete haha

Ok ok ok… noooow I’ve completed the baddies for the AOS28 project.

I realised I didn’t have a leader. So i made one more. Why not ey? He’s a combination of a few chaos kits. I really like his head, stance and armour. He possibly looks more like a champion than a leader but maybe he can be both. I’d be open to suggestions on what colour his head should be.




29 thoughts on “AOS28 – Part 4 – Ok now the baddies are complete haha”

  1. I agree with Alex. However I think a nice pale purple/blue would look pretty cool. When I see his head I kinda see a Daenari (from WOW) esq colour scheme coming to mind.

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  2. Very good! I like his different combination of equipment, makes him seem like a real veteran. How about pale skin and black armour? Then paint the daemonic bits in weird otherworldy colours (the horns, the skin shield, maybe the axe rot?)

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  3. Interesting composition of different kits – they really hang together well. I am increasing realising I need to be a bit less puritanical & be more willing to mix together seemingly disparate kits to make original looking pieces like this.

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    1. You can always pull them apart again if it doesn’t work. I’m often inspired by others and how they push the boundaries. I think, for me, it’s a weigh up between the cost of the bits and kits to what I want to do with them.

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  4. Tried to look at this on my phone earlier, but it wasn’t worth it. He looks great, mate. I’d also suggest pale, bluish skin. Deep green armour could work well also. Have you tried letting washes do a lot of the work? I’m thinking paint the armour metallic green, then give it layers of black wash until you’re happy. Similarly, white for the skin and then super thin bluish washes for the skin tone.

    Oh – you may want to fill in that Khorne rune on his forehead with a smudge of putty!


    1. Thanks mate. You read my mind in regards to the rune, although I was thinking of carving it off but the putty would be better. I do like a good wash but for the blue do you mean watered down blue or is there a specific blue wash?


      1. Putty lets you keep his brow details and such. I’m thinking base coat with blue or blue-white (wolf grey, etc) then highlight to white, then water down either a really dark blue with lots of lahmian medium or even do the same with Drakenhof Nightshade so that you get a little bit of tint on the raised areas, but a lot more darkening in the crevasses. Might take 2 or 3 layers, and might need to re-highlight the raised bits in between layers, but it would look quite stark and stand out nicely.

        Similar to the effect I got on this thing, but with more of a blue than turquoise, and potentially even starker/lighter on the “highlight” areas.

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      2. Both Nightshade & Lahmian are from the GW paint range if that’s what you mean? So easily found. But you can use anything appropriate from commercial drawing ink to P3 paint. In fact, Windsor & Newton Cobalt, Ultramarine or Blue Inks would also work very well as options.

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    1. Thanks. It took me a while to find the right sheild. It had to sit right but of course, most importantly, look right. It’s from the Chaos Knights kit. An older kit but one I only just received as a gift from my kids hehe.

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