AOS28 – part 5 – First of the goodies – Prince Edward The Dragonheart –

I wanted my Champion of the Goodies to be a stereotypical Knight. As you’ll see I have used some 40k parts mixed with Bretonnian and even a bit of Chaos Marauder in an attempt to make him suit “fantasy” more than 40k. Being Age of Sigmar of course. I think, even though the legs are a bit of a give away, I’ve managed to make Prince Edward The Dragonheart fit in with AOS28.

Love to hear your thoughts gang.

Cheers –




39 thoughts on “AOS28 – part 5 – First of the goodies – Prince Edward The Dragonheart –”

  1. He looks great, clever use of the Dark Angels bits there.
    While I like the helmet as it is, I think there’s a Bretonnian knight helmet with a dragon on top that could be a neat way to work his name into the model.

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      1. Omg that is AWESOME. lol I love that idea. I used to play WoW and I loved pun kinds of names. Most people call me Dani in real life so I made a paladin and named it Paladani. But IgKnighted is so much cooler! πŸ˜›

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  2. I think he looks great. If you have ever read Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive series, the large leg armor reminds me of Shard Plate armor quite a bit. Kind of how I always envisioned it would look while reading the books.

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      1. I highly recommend it. Sanderson is the author that was picked to finish Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time after his death. That is how I was introduced to his work, and now he is my favorite author.

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  3. Looking really good. To be honest, I think he’d do better with an armoured right arm, being a knight and all. The helm likewise looks good, but I think it could benefit from just a little more bling. Both notes take into account that he’s your leader. If he were a grunt, I think he’d be perfectly great.

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      1. Hm, chainmail is probably my “weakest” set of bits. I’m sure I have some Fireforge arms, but I think they’d probably be a bit small for this guy, being based on a SM.

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  4. Very creative- and I like the base a lot too. Interesting for me as I’m still all in metal alloy Minis and when I convert a figure it involves medieval sawing and hacking! I commend you on a super job here.

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