The Chapel Project Part XX – CaenSar The Wytch Huntress –

CaenSar – The Wytch Huntress.

CaenSar is older than time and is wiser than all.
Despite her many years she is sharp minded, strong and agile.
CaenSar was once a warrior princess of the Maiden World known as Fahdeer before it was captured and ultimately destroyed by an Ork hoard.
Now she resides alone on the outskirts of the Albino forest.

She hunts Wytches…

Not for prize, power or fame just simply because she hates them. You see, it was a Wytch that betrayed her father and gave the coordinates of Fahdeer to the Ork Hoard that took her home and killed her family, her people.
She, somehow, managed to escape the all encompassing flames and after many lost and damaging years she found herself marooned on a planet riddled with Wytches. The Chapel. Was it fate? She wondered. Or just her destiny to avenge her family by slaughtering as many Wytches as she could lay her hands on.

CaenSar has been known, at times, to work as a guide. As she knows the bleached forest better than, even some of the most experienced, Ostium guides.

She also offers a bounty hunter and bodyguard service. This is how she came to cross paths with Inquisitor Malice.

As you’ll see I need to do a little more tweaking here and there but I’m very much liking this model. The crossbow string was accidentally sliced off and that ugly piece in place of the hole is only temporary while I try to find something better. I like her pose, her weapon choice and her cloak.





23 thoughts on “The Chapel Project Part XX – CaenSar The Wytch Huntress –”

  1. Definitely has your trademark eclecticism! Do you sketch out a design and concept that you are aiming for, or do you tend to organically kitbash as you go something that feels right? Just curious, as you definitely have very creative process so I’m jut curious how you get there.

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    1. That’s a very good question mate. I don’t sketch anything out at all but, it sounds a bit odd, I see it in my mind first, well roughly at least, then I hunt for the bits either online or through my own bits. It reminds me of playing with Lego apart from having to carve to make things fit. I have the same approach with just about everything I do in life. People often think I don’t have any real plans but I do. They’re just all worked out in my head. Take music for example. For some uncanny reason I can work out my drum beats in my head, see them form, before I put stick to skin. Even with my work I do the same thing. I have to do presentations with products and my colleagues always plan everything out on paper etc but for me its all up in my head. I dread the day I start to lose my memory and mind haha.

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      1. Interesting – it sounds like you have a very intuitive process. I’m a bit of a rummager – I have a hard time visualising new/completed ideas. I usually get inspired by a particular base model & then rummage through my bits box for things that might be suitable to use kitbash. It tends to mean I quite conservative so I’m interested to see what works for other people’s process to see if I can inject a bit more creativity.

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