The Chapel Project – Part XXIII – The Doomsayer –

Ok, so I fibbed in my last post… well sort of. I declared that the Assassins would be my last lot of models I’d be building for The Chapel Project but since then two things happened.

1. The Date for the big game in the U.K has been set back to September (Giving me more time to make more and more and MORE!!! Haha…crazy).

2. Heresy Of Us posted this – and I was inspired, once again.


Doomsayers have been around for a very long time. Probably since caveman days, or if you prefer, when Adam said “Hey Babe don’t eat that apple it could curse all mankind til the end of days.”

Doomsayers are those really happy, annoyingly positive and optimistic people who always have a BIG broad smile on their faces. Haha. I jest. As we know they’re a bunch of moody negative nancies who need a damn good throttling.

In our much loved Grim Dark Future Doomsayers still exist.

This one has found himself wondering the hamlets surrounding the Albino woods and let me tell you folks he is one morose soul. I strongly advise that you don’t ask him to be your wedding singer or clown at your kids party. I have no doubt in my mind that he would put a dampener on any happy event.

– The Doomsayer –


Some details I’d like to share –

I used a Catachan head for the bottom part (Lower jaw) of the head because I wanted the skull to be a mask/helmet type thing.

As you can probably see I made the “End is nigh” sign from balsa wood. It turned out well.

I also wanted him to be carrying a sandwich board like the first vintage picture in this post and YES I will be writing “Ye must be cleansed” on it.

The backpack was fiddly but fun to make. If you look close you’ll see I sliced up an Ork gun for what will be a little spotlight. I also added a tiny little wire and the ends of some lasrifle barrels.

His left hand is a little big but will be painted to look half mechanical and half mutated flesh. I’m not sure where the claw-like hand came from but I’ve been wanting to use it for ages.

For the base I was inspired by Heresy of Us and his pile of rust scatter terrain. I found the pieces from an old tank kit. Some of which I used on my own terrain piece for the Chapel called The Oubliette. I like the Doomsayers positioning on the base and the angle of his sign.

I hope you like it.

Peace out Dudes and Dudettes hehe.




22 thoughts on “The Chapel Project – Part XXIII – The Doomsayer –”

  1. Very nice mate, I reckon anyone who looks up from their labours in the 41st Millennium would probably decide to become a doomsayer there and then. Then again, what with Imperial propaganda being what it is, anything which criticizes the orthodox view – that we are living in the glory days of an eternal empire – is likely to be met with the harshest response. Still, I think your guy there looks like he could handle himself – but how long will it be before the insidious whispers of Chaos turn his head? Probably best for any passing Inquisitors to “take care of him” as soon as possible…

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  2. Just got a direct report from my Rogue Trader – life is obviously good and the rumour of imminent end is severely exaggerated. Flamboyant is the new grimdark.

    Hahaha, great work mate.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I dunno mate. His skull mask looks pretty happy, and he’s even brought his own sound system. I think he might be moonlighting as a club DJ, rocking those urban beats in his off-hours…

    Liked by 1 person

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