The Chapel Project – XXIV – Dronas Master of the Rancid –

You lot haven’t been introduced to The Rancid yet and I’m not referring to the very cool band.

The reason why you ask? B & W pix wouldn’t do them justice so I want to paint them before posting them.

However let me introduce the Rancids Master – Dronas. He commands them, rules over them and also protects them. They are his children his loyal few and he is their Father, their Master.

More on Dronas and his Rancid when they’re all painted up.



14 thoughts on “The Chapel Project – XXIV – Dronas Master of the Rancid –”

  1. Another nice fig though I’m starting to see a bit of a trend forming with the names of your groups, perhaps to mix it up a bit your next unit should be “Twinkleberry and the fluffykin puddlewinkies” no? just a thought 😉

    Cheers Roger

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      1. Ha ha! somehow I think you’d have to go out and buy the “baby pink” and “lilac” paint to use on them as I doubt they are staples of you colour palette!!

        Someone did a load of “Hello Kitty sisters of Battle” figs a few years back that were brilliant! the Dreadnought with the hello kitty toy head on it was inspired.

        Cheers Roger.

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  2. Might be too late now that you’ve painted him, but I was going to suggest a strap (or a chain!) holding the upper receiver onto his shoulder pauldron – for a bit of extra support to make it look more balanced.

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