The Chapel Project – Part XXV – The Rancid –



The Rancid

Imagine living with extreme and excruciating pain twenty four hours a day. Imagine being covered in a living, writhing, bleeding and pusy fungus.

If you can imagine all these things you’ll have a very small understanding of what it’d be like to be one of the Rancid.

The fungal disease they are stricken with is called Albimycosis and it originates from the decaying plant life within the Albino forest.

Coming into contact with the fungus usually means death within a few days but some, possibly with a certain blood type, survive it. However they become mutated, twisted, half dead beings. Not only does their anatomy break down and their flesh start to rot and even melt but their minds fall into a blood crazed insanity.

Some will only live on for a few months but others can live for years, even decades.

The disease is highly contagious and has been known to wipe out entire villages within a week.

Dronas and his band of decaying warriors are one of many small warbands that cling to life and live in constant pain. Dronas seems to be one of a rare case where the disease hasn’t taken complete hold of him at all. His skin is discoloured and mildly decaying but he has all his senses and has lived with the disease for nearly twenty years.

The Rancid roam the lands in search of living flesh, fresh blood, which is the only thing that seems to ease their pain. They were once villagers, soldiers even noblemen but when the disease took grip they became nothing more than what you see today.

They lost the ability to speak, some of their tongues have even rotten away but they seem to still be able to communicate.

They tend to fight as one instead of as individuals and prefer the tactic of a surprise attack. Some have weapons but all are a weapon themselves. One scratch from these monsters and their victims are infected and therefore condemned to the same ill ridden fate.

The Rancid might be few but they are deadly and if you see them or hear them run for your Emperor forsaken life!


I had sooooo much fun putting these horrible little things together. I broke all the rules and just carved and glued away like a madman. The disease “Albimycosis” you can see covering sections of their body’s was created, simply, with glue and sand. I think it worked quite well.

I hope you like them.




26 thoughts on “The Chapel Project – Part XXV – The Rancid –”

  1. These guys turned out awesome! Love the eclectic use of bits (especially the back of the Space Marine torso), the color palette, and texturing. What a great project, and it’s clear you really got to cut loose and have fun with it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cheers Matt. I’m glad you noticed the back space marine section. For me that in itself tells a little mini story, or at least hints to one. I thoroughly enjoyed putting these together and painting them. I rarely work within any kind of parameters but with this one I really stepped out of the square.


    1. Wow thank you! I’ve never been the master of anything haha. I’ve always been a fan of horror and even my nightmares I used to write down and turn into stories, poems or songs. Yeah… I’m a bit weird.


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