The Chapel Project – Part XXVII – The Queen of The Mortem Hamlet – Coming Soon –

I’m up to 27 posts for the Chapel Project! Wow haha. I’m a man obsessed to say the least.


The Mortem Hamlet Queen

A thick fog of sadness now envelopes the Mortem Hamlet but long ago it was a bustling place full of laughter, trade and colourful characters. It was an affluent town with no real seedy side to speak of. Sure there were a couple of drunks and village idiots but nothing in the way of skullduggery. The people, for the most part, were happy. They were farmers , originally, until they discovered the rare navy blue gem called Desore sitting under their own feet in the mineral rich, dark earth. Then the people sold and traded their precious gems with many far and wide. As is often the case, people grew ambitious, selfish and greedy and it wasn’t long before blood was spilt over the gems. Murder became rife in the once peaceful hamlet. A decade passed and all innocence was lost. The Hamlet was ruled by killers, thieves and no gooders. The Mortem Hamlet itself became a most undesirable place. Trees and shrubs invaded the streets like a plague bringing with it wild animals and monstrous beings that feasted on the weaker of the villagers. Then the monsters turned on the stronger people and wiped everyone out apart from a young princess of the land. Her name was Isla and she was more beautiful than words could describe.
Even the creatures could not bring themselves to destroy such an unnatural beauty and, instead, they came to worship her. She became the Queen of The Mortem Hamlet. She did not ask to be Queen but accepted her new role gracefully. Over time the beautiful Maiden grew ugly because she was surrounded by such horror and ugliness. One day she looked into her gem encrusted mirror and it shattered at her reflection. She wept and wept and had one of her undead servants make her an iron mask. She would never ever remove the mask. More time passed and one by one she killed and burned her dark followers for she blamed them for her ruin. Finally so many years passed that she found herself completely alone. She found a quiet solace in her loneliness. The monsters were all dead along with all the people of the town. Now only she remained to watch over The Mortem Hamlet.


Keep an eye out for The Queen of Mortem Hamlet.




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