The Battle for Beckenthorpe – A battle report –

The Battle for Beckenthorpe

Battles can be fought between all types of adversaries. Weather it be between two political parties, two warring tribes or even two brothers.

On this cold eve four opposing warbands came together to fight as one against a plague of zombies and Ghouls that had infested the slowly crumbling town of Beckenthorpe.


Lord Julius Fendrake and his retinue came in from the South East, closely followed by the Scrappers, lead by the fearless warrior simply known as “Uncle”.


From the West two other warbands, the Rancid, who had their number bolstered by plague bearers, and The Mechanicus crept towards Beckenthorpe.

The primary objective was to take out the Ghouls and zombies. The second objective was to secure and hold Beckenthorpe Manor and finally the third objective was to wipe out all the other warbands.

It wasn’t long before all the warbands could hear the guttural moans and cries of the Ghouls and undead. They all slowed their pace, wary that if the fiends caught their scent they would be charged.

The warbands edged closer, surprisingly the Rancid seemed the most brave and ventured the closest. Then, moments later, Dronas, the Rancid leader, could not contain himself any longer. He charged into the clearing where the undead fiends lingered sniffing at the air. Dronas opened fire erratically but somehow took out several of the pale monsters with his automatic bolter. He was on his own as the other warbands still held back. Dronas did not care. Victory in battle and in death would be his and his alone.


It didn’t take long for the horde of undead things to swamp Dronas and he was dead minutes later but not before killing another couple of the bastards.

Now leaderless the Rancid dispersed without order. Some headed towards the Mechanicus Warband while others went off slowly in the direction of the warbands approaching from the South East. Only two of the Rancid headed for Beckenthorpe Manor. The mighty King and his Jester.

The Jester was set upon by the dead and he died quickly. This infuriated the King but his his rage was overshadowed by his grief and he did not avenge his fallen master.


Then, suddenly, came the distinctive but unnerving crack of a large calibre rifle and part of the Kings face tore off. The King wailed in pain. Then another bullet ripped into his thick skull. Then another bullet and another bullet. It took eight shots in total, all into the Kings head, before he toppled and fell to the ground stone cold dead. The shots had come from Vassily Sing a Sniper from the Scrapper Warband. It took all the warbands by surprise but it also sent a message. The warbands were enemies and no awkward truce would change that.

Meanwhile Fendrake and his Retinue had manoeuvred into a decaying longhouse. They waited for the best time to strike.

The Mechanicus teleported a stalker into the mass of zombies and attacked but their shooting was wild until eventually they killed one.

One of Fendrakes Doctors with a particular set of skills ran out to the dead King and his Jester. He injected them both with some sort of bluish liquid and suddenly, miraculously, the King and the Jester rose from the dead. Their loyalty now with Fendrake. The Jester was killed again and this time the Kings rage could not be contained. I’m one foul swoop he killed four of the Rancid in close proximity.


The Mechanicus, while no one was paying attention, teleported several troops into Beckenthorpe Manor and secured it with ease.


Vassily Sing, the Scrappers Sniper opened fire on the zombies and killed four of them before being seized by the Rancid crawler nicknamed “RatBoy”.
A vicious hand to hand battle took place but RatBoys savagery could not be matched and he tore open the snipers throat with his bear teeth. Ratboy then turned on the Scrappers leader, Uncle, who, very easily, cut the crazed mutant down.


Another surprise attack came from the Scrappers when their Albino Ork Allie suddenly charged at one of Fendrakes Servitors and devoured him. The Scrappers Servitor BOT sneakily crept into the longhouse, where Fendrake himself was held up, and self detonated!! The huge explosion killed a total of six of Fendrakes Retinue and also wounded the veteran Inquisitor. Two of the Scrappers troops were also killed. Needless to say an unbridled rage swept over, the usually quietly composed, Lord Fendrake. He swore to all that could hear him that he would not rest until he had annihilated the Scrappers.

Fendrakes Doctor brought the Rancids leader, Dronas, back to life who immediately obeyed a direct order to attack and kill Uncle. Uncle didn’t even see what hit him as bolt after bolt tore him wide open. Then Fendrake himself marched toward two Scrapper troops and bellowed his name “I am LORD JUlIUS FENDRAKE” instilling so much fear into the two adversaries that they were left paralysed. Fendrake then cut them both down with his sword.

The Mechanicus chipped away at the zombies. Their Psyker then turned to the Rancid and, using his “mind pulse attack”, he killed one plague bearer, two of his own troops and wounded, the now undead, Dronas!

The Scrappers Dreadnought who, until now, had laid dormant on the outer rim of the battle suddenly groaned into life and stomped slowly towards Beckenthorpe Manor. The Mechanicus’s Renegade Brute saw the giant robots approach and leapt out of the safety of the Manor to confront the machine.

Despite the Dreadnoughts size and power the Renegade Brute was much faster and more agile. Almost too easily, the Brute cut apart the Dreadnoughts legs bringing it crashing down. The Dreadnought awkwardly tried to fight back but it was no use. The Brute tore off the Dreadnoughts protective chest plate and jammed his double blades fist sword into the robots heart killing it. A flawless victory.


Tensions were high…

The battle felt stagnant…

The zombies were all dead…

The warbands were now at war with each other but their numbers had dwindled…

The Mechanicus held the Manor…

The Rancid were lost and confused and had no real direction or purpose…

Lord Fendrake had suffered great casualties but he was stoic and fearless…

The Scrappers were all gone now…

To be continued…

30 thoughts on “The Battle for Beckenthorpe – A battle report –”

      1. I like the method you use for it. 😀 It being like a story makes it feel more “real” if that makes any sense. lol And it’s fun to read and see what winds up happening. 🙂

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  1. Nice report and also good-looking miniatures and terrain. If I remember correctly, didn’t you make that building and put it in a past blog post?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Looks like a lot of fun here. I like the look of the big nasty with the drill arm. Is that “Uncle”?
    You might also be interested in the new 40k coming out soon. A full reboot of the system. 12 pages for the entire basic rules instead of the nightmare of a mess it is right now. I’m now very excited and keen to actually play the thing again!

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