The Chapel Project – Part XXIX – More recruits for the Expeditionary Force –

Good evening/morning/afternoon depending on where you are in the world.

See the original post for this outfit here -

One of you lovely people asked if I was going to give this little crew some heavy weapons? Great idea I replied and BAM here we are.

In keeping with the theme for these guys I blended a modern militant look with Ye olde look.

I did my second face transplant with the “Captain” of the weapons team. The face came from the Bretonnian kit. By crickey it was difficult, especially when trying to avoid cutting off his glorious moustache. Still needs a bit of carving round the neck. To me the “Captain” looks a little eccentric and unhinged haha. I like that.

I also added a couple more troops.

I hope you dig what I’m trying to achieve.




29 thoughts on “The Chapel Project – Part XXIX – More recruits for the Expeditionary Force –”

  1. Awesome additions and glad to see the heavy weapons team! I can absolutely picture them bracing to fire at some awful terror that is about the emerge from the Albino Woods.

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      1. I don’t have one currently, though I’m strongly considering starting one. I have a couple of threads going over on the INQ28 section of the Ammobunker under the name “Thutmos.”

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      1. Depends – what colour scheme are you using for the rest of the group? Something dark would generally work well to stand out against his skin but there may be room to work in a colour that works well with the overall scheme (i.e. he could be ginger if you’re using lots of blues or a small amount of red, but not if you’re using lots of red or green where it might clash or become overwhelming).

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  2. Man that Gunner Captain with the moustache looks awesome! I can already picture him barking orders in a very British “Stephen Fry in Black Adder Goes Forth” accent! Perhaps he has a bit of Praetorian Guard background in him?

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