“Creativity takes courage” – Henri Matisse.

Good Morrow fellow bloggers.

Just a quick in and out today people haha, one of my favourite terms I must say.

Just wanted to share a couple of things.

1. Gardens of Hecate – My word what a great site and source of inspiration. The lady behind the Magic really has a flare for the macabre. Her conversions and visions are out of this world and very much my cup of tea. Check out the Countess in particular. Wow!!

See the website here – http://gardensofhecate.blogspot.com.au/?m=1

2. Santiago Caruso – Oh man, if you haven’t seen his art already and you like a little dark surrealism, then this young chap will put a big smile on your brain! I discovered him throughout Gardens of Hecate. Now he is my second favourite after the late greatest Dali.

Enjoy – http://santiagocaruso.com.ar

A couple of my favourite SC pieces


Next up for me… Blood for the Blood God.  Keep an eye out for it.






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