Something a little different – My World Eaters Warband –

For the last six months I’ve been reading/researching all about the World Eaters. I’ve got to say they’re  an absolute stand out to me. I’ve seen others posting about them and have admired all the models I’ve seen. After reading their back story I knew I had to do something with them.

As is my way, I like to put my own spin on things. So, as you’ll see, I have combined 30k with 40k to give them a more unique feel. They’re my own customised world eater Warband but they had to be, of course, lead by the Captain… Kharn. I’ve got to say I feel a bit nervous about posting images of him because he is so iconic. I have seen so many great visions/versions of him that even painting him was a little daunting. I don’t think I am anywhere near the standard of paint work I have seen on him from the many pictures I’ve seen but I’m happy with him. I took my time with him, especially on the skin tone. I was lucky enough to find a slightly damaged mini of Kharn on eBay for $18 AUD. Not bad. With a bit of filing, filling and glueing I fixed him right up. Just like bringing him back from the dead hehe 😉

I hope you like this merry little band of blood hungry world killers/Eaters.

My World Eaters Warband

The Bloody 12th

Kharn – Captain


Argus – Sergeant – An out spoken antagonist but a loyal servant and brutal warrior. Argus will drink the blood of an enemy if they have fought particularly hard and tested him, believing he will absorb their power and skills.


Dakarr- Sergeant – A veteran of many battles he is said to of died over half a dozen times and brought back from the clutches of death. Due to this he has a very dark soul some even say he is the devil incarnate. His face and body has been hideously mutated by existing in both life and death realms.


Rake – Champion – A fallen Dark Angel who found his niche with his fellow blood brothers the World Eaters. His passion is battle. His thirst is for blood and he is relentless in his quest for both.


Votrym – Berserker Champion – A silent warrior who has fallen so far into insanity he cannot be trusted by anyone. He is kept under a watchful eye. However on the battlefield he is a true berserker and bathes in the blood of his foes and innocents alike.


Dexhate – Berserker champion – Hates all but is loyal to the last… for now at least.


The Blue Butcher – He is very old but you wouldn’t think it by his prowess on the battlefield. He is only matched by Kharn in his fighting skills and brutality.


Chaplain Viktus.


The Rampagers –


… and now a short poem…

Blood for the blood God, up goes the roar
Blood soaked warriors trudge through the gore
With the butchers nails deep in their heads
The Eaters won’t stop until all life is dead
With blades covered in dark red ichor
They are resolute until they are victor
Kharn will lead them to death and glory
Read the words of blood in their story

…and now for some group shots…


Love to hear your feedback, especially on Kharn… *waits nervously…

Cheers gang


21 thoughts on “Something a little different – My World Eaters Warband –”

  1. Like I said, awesome as per usual. I’m so impressed by your pace and speed. I could never push out models this way, especially not painted so consistently good.

    I like the conversions and Khârn is great. Have you read the background for Traitor’s Hate? Khârn is so cool in that book.

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  2. Awesome post. I love the color scheme of these guys and (as odd as this sounds) the bloodstains on all of their weapons. They look great! Also, really like the poem, too! Especially the last line of it. 😀

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  3. Very cool mate – the Big K looks excellent, and I really like the mixed armour colour scheme on the remainder! Nicely done dude, that’s what I call a chaos warband!

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  4. Lovely stuff chap! Those guys look resplendent in their blood spattered gory glory and there’s certainly no mistaking them for any other legion. In my mind the warband held a poetry competition for the winning poem, drinks were had, dark gods praised and skulls were cracked!

    Kharn also looks really kharny.

    Loved it.

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  5. Old metal kharn is best kharn. He’s just so iconic it’s hard not to like him and you did it justice and the whole gang is so full of character. All very awesome stuff.

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  6. Nice work on Kharn. I can’t see where the model was damaged, so you’re doing something right there! I really like the Khornate warband – the Bloodreavers really embody the Gladiatorial aspect of the World Eaters, so great choices of parts there as well!

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    1. Thanks man. I was a little worried with what you’d think about Kharn because you’re a master painter! You really are one of my favourites. The damage was a little bit on his gun arm and torso. Oh and the boot looked a little mangled.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You flatter me, mate! I’ve just looked carefully and seen the boot. That’s the thing about imperfections on a figure, if you’re careful you can often effectively hide them or even make them look like battle damage and incorporate them into the figure, which you’ve done well here on Kharn. 🙂

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  7. That’s a pretty excellent band of bloodthirsty madmen you have there, mate! Very nice! 🙂

    Really like the mix of classic Khornate red and brass and the 30k World Eaters colour scheme! The moody shots against the checkerboard background are especially lovely!

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