AOS28 – Part 7 – The Project as it stands –

AOS28 is a very cool concept and I had to make something for it.

I have two warbands. Goodies and Baddies basically.

Ive got to say that the baddies were/are more fun to make. I’m not sure why exactly. Maybe because I’ve always preferred the bad guys anyway or maybe it’s because I feel like I can be a bit more free form with them.

Here are the Baddies, starting with the leader. Some of whom you would have seen from previous posts.


Here are the Goodies. You’ve only seen the Knight and the Spirit seer.  Some of you might remember the Knights right arm looked a little skinny in the original post. I think I’ve fixed that now. I used a Chaos Knights arm plus an old plain space marine shoulder pad that I might try my hand at freestyle painting with. Gulp!


Im not sure, at this stage, if I’ll be adding any more to either side.

Enjoy guys.


11 thoughts on “AOS28 – Part 7 – The Project as it stands –”

  1. Love it Mate! I’ve been vouyering the AOS28 FB page and some really amazing warbands there, I am soo inspired. Your baddies are awesome, keep us posted!

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  2. Nice minis you’ve done here. I mostly like to do bad guys myself as they’re more free creatively. You can always go more nuts on the bad ones. But I really think your good guys are quite bad ass as well. Good job.

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