The Chapel Project – Part XXXI – The Queen of the Mortem Hamlet –

The Queen of Mortem Hamlet and her drowning loneliness.

The Mortem Queen spends her days and nights strolling through the dead, dark and quiet streets and surrounding Albino woods of her lonely village.
Long ago she knew of love and her life was filled with happiness. Faces smiled broadly at her wherever she went. Nice words and compliments were offered freely to her. Those days are very distant and vague memories now. The only friend she has is her loneliness. It both comforts her and suffocates her. She is consumed by it but at the same time cherishes it. Her loneliness is the only thing that has stayed loyal to her. Always with her and never parting. Sometimes she finds herself dreaming of more. A friend, a lover or even a stranger to speak with. Sometimes the only thing she wants to see is death but alas she is immortal. Destined and doomed to walk the streets of Mortem for all time.
All living things ceased to exist in the Queens village long ago. Even the trees are ghosts now. Broken, pale stumps littered around her like wonky organic grave stones. Some, the oldest ones, hold secrets trapped within them. If the Queen looks hard enough, which she very seldom does, she sees the souls and bones of people from long, long ago. Even these macabre relics bring her no joy and certainly no escape from her solitude. She walks on, lost in her own thoughts, lost and drowning in her own loneliness.



36 thoughts on “The Chapel Project – Part XXXI – The Queen of the Mortem Hamlet –”

  1. I agree that the atmosphere is very good. In reading the story I found myself thinking, “So this is how immortals start to eventually die.”

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  2. You’ve managed to make the figure mournful and creepy and frightening – perfect for the Chapel and the atmosphere of the setting! Awesome stuff.

    I notice you sometimes utilize very nontraditional bases, which gives an even more unique and flavorful feel to your characters. What are the materials you use for these bases? (Sorry if you’ve answered this elsewhere!)

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    1. Thanks man. Lately, for the Chapel Project in particular, I wanted almost a diorama (mini) for the bases. Mostly just cork tile, so cheap and so cool for a stony look. Then it’s of scrap from my miscellaneous bits draw hehe. It’s good fun.

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