The Chapel Project – Part XXXIV – The Retinue Roundup –

All the way back in January the good, gentle and twisted chap over at Heresy Of Us asked me, along with several other of my Blogger/Hobby Heroes, to be a part of his Project/Game/Vision called The Chapel –

I was absolutely stoked to be asked and jumped straight in.

I still have lots more to go in the painting department but all the many models are made.

This post is about the main, playable characters, form my Inquisitor Retinue/Warband.

I’ve included a link to their individual posts which includes more pix and fluff etc.

Inquisitor Gustav Malice –


Ambrose the Acquitted Acolyte –


Kreleus Drach The Psyker –


Renadark The Walker –


Sergeant Invaris The Henchman Leader –


Sebastian Black (Henchman) –


The Two Brothers (Henchmen) –

Ubica Deathseeker –


Corvale Deathseeker –


Devlyn (Henchman) –


Ohkan The Servitor –


Servo-Skull, full name: SERVUSVIIIXXVI


The group shot –


Some more shots –


















It’s been a lot of fun but also quite challenging, in a good way, putting this Retinue together.

I challenged myself with the build, the painting, the fluff and the overall feel of each character.

Ohkan was one of the most challenging minis because the arms (not the hands) were made from greenstuff. I have a long way to go with greenstuff but I am both fascinated and excited by the weird sculpting putty stuff. I’ve also learned that I need to get some proper sculpting tools too. I try not to dig too deep into my pocket with this hobby only because I enjoy trying to be thrifty and think outside of the square.

Malice, Ambrose and Sebastian Black were the most fun to put together, especially Sebastian. His bits and pieces are quite eclectic and the head and sword shape just make the mini for me.

With the painting for all the miniatures I really pushed myself, especially when it came to weathering, highlights and getting the right skin tones. A stand out is the blackish tarnish on Malice’s golden armour and Ambrose’s silver armour. Just little touches like that seem to, for me, really lift the model. Those little details that 98% of people may not even notice are fast becoming some of my favourite things to add to a model.

With the two henchmen brothers I practiced chinking their armour with the old stipple technique. Worked well.

When it comes to eyes I still feel I need a lot more practice and a much steadier hand but I think adding a little crimson wash around the eyes looks quite effective. Makes the eyes look bloodshot or sick.

One thing I really wanted to do for each miniature is give them their own little unique base/diorama. Each one is different from the next but they all seem to work together, just like the actual minis themselves do.

So there we have it, the Retinue complete. It feels good.

Now onto all those Non-Playable-Characters I went overboard with haha.

heres the list of what is still to come for the Chapel Project:

The Ostium Guides.

CaenSar – Wytch Huntress.

The Wytch.

The Warloc.

The Mercenaries.

The Assassins.

The Expeditionary Force.

The DoomSayer.

Thanks for reading.


34 thoughts on “The Chapel Project – Part XXXIV – The Retinue Roundup –”

    1. It’s a great but rare feeling for me to complete a warband/army/project. This retinue is obviously the key thing about the whole project so it’s definitely cool to have it done. I am looking forward to getting the rest of the models done now.

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  1. Love seeing the whole group together! Great work on the models and great photography! Excited to see the painting and completion of all the NPCs.

    Meant to comment on the post about the psyker, but it works just as well here: love the conversion of the model and I think the backstory is great. Seems like the cliched psyker of 40k is reviled even by those around him. I love that you turned that on its head to create a sinister-looking but grandfatherly figure. Like it’s as much a family as a warband (which I imagine adds even greater weight to their fates in the upcoming Chapel game(s)!). Great stuff. Cheers!

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  2. Again just brilliant work. Not only the conversions, painting and narrative but the dedication to get all those three combined!

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  3. A great collection of lovely looking unique models! And you know I’m always pleased to see more paint on your guys! You’ve done a very nice job of incorporating the Genestealer Cult’s mining suits – the teal works very effectively as a spot of bright with the one demagogue-type-guy wearing it on his jacket, and I also especially like the rebuild of that Bloodbound champion into a servitor.

    Now I want to challenge you to work on your freehand, which will in turn help you with all of the small details like eyes. Get yourself a 10/0 Windsor & Newton Series 7 brush, and just use the thinnest paint you can get. Any sharp, pointy brush will work but the 10/0 will be best because it has such a shallow reservoir, making it harder to flood the brush and in turn easier to just put a little on at a time. I’d recommend actually using Vallejo Black Airbrush Primer as the paint since it’s so thin it doesn’t need to be thinned and has great pigment density. Then just give your guys things like runes on their armour, or swirl-patterns on cloaks and clothing.

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      1. For tattoos, I’d use a dark turquoise colour mixed with a tiny touch of the skin tone. Vallejo Model Colour Periscopes is a perfect one. I’ll be using that for all tattoos once I get past the Slayers who use a dark blue base.

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      1. Yeah, like this:

        In the old (RT) days, people would sometimes add them to their models as they played games. Especially for tanks on the barrels, but also for anti-tank or even infantry. People probably do the same now, but it seemed more prevalent in those days. Lots of historical precedent, too!

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