The Purge Cardinals – Part 1 –

I’ve wanted to build a Space Marine army for some time. Actually since I was twenty years old when I bought my first 40k starter boxed game which included Black Templars and Dark Eldar.

I’ve slowly been collecting bits and boxes of what I want for the last year. I’m not worried about points or even if the army ties in with common 30/40k lore. It’s my army dammit and yes they might not be legal in GW shops or in clubs but I’ll only play them against mates etc.

I’ve deliberated over a name for the Chapter for quite a while. The Forgotten Sons was one idea and Monkey Jizz Lovers was another one haha. Jokes.

The Purge Cardinals sounds the business to me and suits their background/fluff, which will be posted down the track.

I already have a paint scheme and process all planned out which should look quite cool, if all goes to plan.

It wont be a massive army but big enough to do some damage.

As a teaser I thought I’d post the very first recruit to the army so far. I won’t be doing many, if any, WIPs posts, apart from this one because I want to go BAM with the finished army. If that makes sense. I have lots of other projects on the go at present so don’t expect to see the finished army any time soon but I aim, at least, aiming for this year.

Meet Lars Arcadius – Veteran – of The Purge cardinals –




19 thoughts on “The Purge Cardinals – Part 1 –”

  1. Interesting start.
    What god will they seek favour with? Looks handsome enough to go with Slaanesh or Tzeench. Or maybe the undivided path like black legion?

    Looking forward to see you dive into the fluff and the bitz.

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  2. Nicely put together model. I like the shield and am looking forward to seeing the guy painted. Given how communications seem to work in the Imperium, I’ll bet there are loads of military forces that have been forgotten by Terra, so your background seems both interesting and plausible.

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