The Chapel Project – Part XXXV – Last two for the Expeditionary Force –

Even though Victoria Miniatures operate out of South Australia, the state to the left of me if you’re looking at a map, it took three weeks to receive my order. Ahh well, first world problems aye ๐Ÿ˜‰

I finished the model, apart from the head, three weeks ago and today I added the cherry on top of the cake. I think head choices for miniatures can make or break a model and it’s the one bit I take some time to consider and decide on.

For The Mad Colonel Mitchell, I wanted something a bit pulp/olde English/classic/pompous/eccentric. I think I got all that and more with the pith helmet/head with pipe.


I’m a HUGE fan of the movie Zulu and one day hope to have a small but classy Praetorian/24th Foot army’s of my own. For now a couple of pith helmet wearing dudes in my expo force will have to do. I’m really proud of Colonel Mitchell. I sculpted the medal he’s wearing, proudly on his chest, from greenstuff. So bloody small but pretty cool. If you look closely you’ll see that I removed the Colonels left leg from the knee down and built him a crutch. It was pretty fiddly work and I had to use tweezers but it turned out quite well. The rest of the conversion was fairly simple. The bulk of him is from a scout Sniper I had. To me, he looks like a mad old war dog who is quite refined in an insane geriatric kind of way hehe. I’ll be that and more one day I’m sure.

The colonel needed an assistant so who better than Private Pike to be at his side.




9 thoughts on “The Chapel Project – Part XXXV – Last two for the Expeditionary Force –”

  1. Cracking job mate – I love Victoria Minis, and have used that head a number of times myself! Top tip if you are doing Praetorians mate – people charge loads for the real deal, so buy up Mordians instead,(much cheeper), and do headswaps with VM parts ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. Good call – you get more variety with VM, and the detail is better… plus they’re plastic of course! I’m just a sucker for old lead, so I went for as many of the classics as I could be bothered to buy & paint ๐Ÿ˜‰

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      1. For some of them yes – with the exception of the bugler & standard bearer, the Praetorians are actually just Mordians with different heads sculpted on, and are otherwise identical… however the difference in price between Praets and Mordies on ebay is insane!

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  2. Great work on these ones. I really like the rebuild around the sniper scout here. Vic puts out some great stuff, but unfortunately her business is pretty much entirely oriented at the overseas/US market to the point where postage is the same for us one state to the left as it is for those on the other side of the globe and all her prices are in US$.

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