The Purge Cardinals – Part 2

A week ago I introduced you to a new project of mine.

The Purge Cardinals Space Marine Army.

It’s hard not to do WIPs. Especially when you’re happy with your own progress. I won’t be inundating you lot with this project but I have been chipping away at it.

Usually my conversions and models come together quite organically. As in, not too much planning. I just have an idea and start building and cutting etc. with the exception of my INQ28 warbands.

With the Cardinals though I’m really taking my time to get the poses/stance just right. Even using bluetack to position arms and bits first before glueing. I’ve never done that before.

Ive actually finished all the Veterans and I’ve started on the “Pride Commander” but tonight I want to share two grunts. Well grunts with a rank.

Meet Pride Leader, Sergeant Irons (no relation to Jeremy)


Meet Centurion Castellan (Champion)


I hope you’re enjoying this project so far.

Further reading for those of you interested…

I’ve spent a fair bit of time reading/researching for my little Space Marine Chapter and, as you can by now tell, there is a “Lion” type theme to it. I didn’t realise until after my brainstorming that there is already a lion theme chapter called the Celestial Lions. They are quite cool actually, especially the Rogal Dorn Primarch models I’ve seen on line but most of what I’ve seen has that immaculate, clean “ultramarine” look to them if you know what I mean. My fluff will be incorporating the Celestials somewhat but the colour scheme will be quite different and a lot more weathered.



10 thoughts on “The Purge Cardinals – Part 2”

  1. Looking good mate – they have the right combination of battered but ostentatious for Space Marines. To me a Space Marine should be wearing armour that befits both his own glory and that of his chapter, but he should also have been in a lot of fights whilst wearing it and that should show. They also have a real appearance of weight to them, like they could knock down a wall with their faces and not break stride. It can be hard to get the balance just right between “dangerous killer” and “chaos” but you’ve pulled it off neatly here, they’re clearly on the side of the Imperium but there’s nothing about them that reads as “good guys”, just hardened, ruthless knights ready to smite heretics! Keep them coming!

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