John Blanche – The Gunslinger – My way

Good evening.

As many of you are no doubt the same I’m a huge fan of John Blanche and all his art. In fact there isn’t a piece of his work that I don’t like.

His vision, his art is basically what the 40k world looks like to me.

One of my all time favourite pieces of his is The Gunslinger –


WOW huh?

She looks so melancholy. So resolute and content with her lot in life. It’s as if she’s saying… “bring it on”

Today I woke up feeling compelled to see if I could make the model version of this amazing post apocalyptic art piece.

I scavenged through vast amounts of bits to find just the right pieces. This actually took a whole lot longer than usual because I wanted the mini to be as close to the picture as possible.

It was important to me to get the stance and the colour scheme right too so it could be instantly recognisable.

One major flaw you might notice is  that “she” became a “he” and I don’t mean in a transgendered way. I just didn’t have the right female head so maybe, just maybe he is her twin?

It was definitely a challenge and tonne completely honest I’m not 100% with it but I think overall I did ok.

The weapons were fun to make and the warpaint and eyes were fun too.

Let me know what you think gang.



23 thoughts on “John Blanche – The Gunslinger – My way”

  1. Really nice work, and very in tone with the original, if you wanted to do the female version you would probably be best off starting with a “dollie” figure and sculpting on the clothing.

    Bronze age used to do some that would have been perfect ‘ but I can’t see them on their site now (I use them for my He-man conversions), probably best if you don’t follow the link below, as I feel you may well be tempted to spend, as they are your kind of stuff!

    Also Maidenhead do some suitable ones too

    If you can get around their site, I keep getting blocked out.

    Cheers Roger.

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  2. Nice work! I definitely see this as a male likeness to the original. I really like the art that inspired it, too. Not an artist I’m familiar with yet, so I’ll definitely be looking up more of their work.

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