The Chapel Project – Part XXXVI – One more for the Expeditionary force –

My last Chapel post said “last two” but here I am with another model for the Expeditionary force haha. I just can’t help myself. I’m really loving this little rag tag Force.

Im guessing many of you have heard of Jason Bourne from the action packed “Bourne” movie franchise?! Have you heard of the real Bourne though? The real Bourne hero is Frank Bourne who fought in the Anglo/Zulu Wars most notably at Rorkes Drift.


The movie, Zulu, portrays Bourne as a very stiff upper lipped, forever England type of character which I love. Therefore my futuristic, 40k, miniature version is mimicking exactly the same thing.

Here he is –




I’m really excited to get some paint on these guys now. I have a rough idea on colour scheme.





15 thoughts on “The Chapel Project – Part XXXVI – One more for the Expeditionary force –”

  1. Nice figure! Reminds me – I have a recording somewhere of Frank Bourne’s grandson reading the transcript of his grandfather’s account of being at Rorke’s Drift. It was originally recorded by Frank Bourne around 1940 for BBC radio’s “I Was There” series but was destroyed so the tape could be reused…

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  2. I say old chap! He looks bally splendid! Ready to give those xenos a taste of cold steel, eh!

    I do have a couple of minor criticisms though. As Rodger has already noted he’s going to need some shoes, the barefoot look doesn’t really fit with look of the rest of the model. Secondly, the hand with its long, clawed fingers looks quite out of place. Trust me, I know the pain of trying to find a suitable hand to replace a genestealer cultist hand, especially when you want to keep both the arm and the weapon, and the process of cutting it all apart and sticking it back together can be a right bitch, but it’ll be worth it! 😉

    Alternatively a fix for both problems could be a little bit of greenstuff, just enough to fill in the toes on the feet and the boney back of the hand so it looks a bit more fleshy and human.

    Otherwise though, he looks spiffing!

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  3. Very nice looking figure. With a commanding set of facial furniture like that he could go into battle naked and be excused for thinking himself fully dressed!

    As for the cultist arm, paint it in metallic and it could be an eccentrically styled bionic replacement. A constant reminder of the cultist bastard who chopped it off while he paused during combat to apply some gentleman’s stiffner to his whiskers perhaps?

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  4. I can definitely sympathize with the feeling of “I’m just going to do one more mini for this group…” and not being able to stop! Looking great, and really cool to tie the project in with Rorke’s Drift/the Zulu Wars. You’ve got quite the ragged army going – can’t wait to see them painted up!

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