Lord Pestilence – March for the flies – Nurgle Project Part 4.


A quick WIP today for my March of the Flies Nurgle project. I haven’t posted about this project since November last year but behind the scenes there’s been some planning and purchasing.

Lord Pestilence was a little challenging and looks a bit top heavy but I kind of like it that way. He is a horrid blimp of a man. A glutton. It’s his steed I feel most sorry for having to haul the big rotting bastard Lord around on his back day in day out.

Before you ask, yes they are my fingers. I know, I know… I get told all the time I should be a hand model but then my feet would get jealous.



22 thoughts on “Lord Pestilence – March for the flies – Nurgle Project Part 4.”

    1. HAHa. Have you ever had superglue dry all over your fingers? They almost feel numb and they also become smooth with no grip allowing bits to fall from your grasp more than usual. Haha. Have you ever sliced your finger with such a sharp scalpel blade that, at first, you’re not even sure if you did lacerate yourself? Haha.

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      1. Ha ha. Glad to know it’s not just me. I’ve managed to scalpel slice my thumb twice this year, so badly the second time my thumb print ID on my ohone doesn’t work. Another great miniature. I love the slightly top heavy aspect, adds to the character

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  1. Ha ha, great fig, should paint up a treat, Nurgle I feel really plays into your wheelhouse painting style wise.

    Re, finger injuries when I was ten I was putting the chain back on my friends little brothers bike when he decided to pedal the damn thing and my right index finger went right round the rear cog between the chain and sprocket, very painful, took months to heal. So safety tip, when repairing a little kids bike make sure the little bu**er is off the damn thing first!!!

    Cheers Roger.

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      1. God that just makes it worse…
        There’s something so pure about horses, it always hits hard when they’re corrupted/killed. Saying that, meat eating horses are a favourite of mine haha

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      2. More like I like horses eating us, rather than the other way haha ! I’ve probably eaten my fair share though, did you guys get hit with the whole “horse meat instead of beef” fiasco?

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  2. I was going to say that the head was too small, but given what you wrote about him I’d say his head is about the right sized, lol.

    Perhaps you could do an infantry version of him too for when he’s eaten his horse?

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