Happy 2nd Birthday to me… A look through the years.


Well, well, well…

Who would of thought I’d still be here after two years? Certainly not I dear friends, readers and fellow blogger hobbyists. I tend to get bored, or distracted easily and tend to only really apply myself if I’m interested in something. So in this blog I’m kind of patting myself on the back for staying with the blog but mostly staying with the hobby.

In this post I’ll be taking a look back over the last couple of years. I’ll be looking at my own posts, minis, improvements and failings. I’ll also be giving some reviews on some of my favourite bloggers.

So chaps and chappettes be prepared for a long haul. I’ll try and make it as interesting and a little comical as I can to keep your attention but feel free to skip the waffle and go straight to the pictures haha.


I often see bloggers putting up their own stats. As much as i can understand the need to, we all like to feel loved, I don’t feel I want to. I’ll just say this, I’ve been very surprised to get followers let alone people that comment etc. I really didn’t expect anything much so even one like or one comment makes me feel good. The other thing I like is that the world suddenly feels a lot more intimate when I have followers from across the globe. It’s all very humbling and I really do appreciate any attention my blog gets. It kind of spurs me on to do more.



Every now and then I like to insert a post that is not hobby related. It could be about how Polar bears scream when they do a shit!

polar bear

Or it might be about me dressing up as a Jedi.


I want this to be my license and passport photo please.

What I have noticed, I think it’s more out of habit than anything else, is how many people/bloggers apologise for not posting more frequently because life gets in the way. I think they’re being too hard on themselves plus BLOGGING is a part of modern life for many of us. For me, I’ve always need something other than work, family and friends. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy work (Most days), my family is amazing and I am a very lucky man in that regard and my friends are cool. However I never ever wanted to be one of those people that work, come home, eat, watch telly and then go to bed. Hell no! Life is for living. I have vasts amount of energy I need to burn up so therefore when everyone else is in bed I paint, I glue bits of plastic together and I blog about it haha. I’m also a drummer in a band. For me, and it’s a very personal thing of course, I need something that’s just for me. Maybe it might sound selfish but having my own time helps me be a better person. A better husband, a better dad and a better friend etc. So people don’t stress if you don’t/can’t post every week or whatever just post when you can or when you want to. There is enough pressures in the world without adding it to it by thing, christ I haven’t posted about my love of Nutella this week haha. Or whatever floats your boat. Do you lot know what Nutella is? It is heaven in a jar –


It looks like shite, has the consistency of shite but Ye Gods it tastes soooooo good!

Blogging helps me in lot’s of ways. By reading your lovely posts I get inspired and also learn things. By reading your comments on my own posts my confidence grows and I learn more. I also, very much, enjoy the sense of community blogging gives me. As I mentioned before the world suddenly feels a whole lot smaller, in a good way. I don’t know where ALL of you choose to call home but I’ve picked up that there are people from the UK, even Scotland haha. Canada, the US, China, Greece, Sweden and, of course, here in Australia. I used to be on Myspace and Facebook and after some time I found both to be quite annoying. At one time I had nearly 2000 friends on FB and liaised with 1-2% of them haha. I was always in trouble for posting what I thought and at first I fought against the oppression but then one day a little light went off and I thought, “Screw you guys, I’m going home.” Yes blogging has some similarities to FB but the one thing it doesn’t have, in my experience at least, there is no bitchyness. No “Trolls” in the sense of some fifteen year old gutless wanker trying to get people riled up for his own amusement. No crazy rednecks that hate everyone even themselves or hypersensitive hippies who think we should stop breathing because it harms the environment haha. I guess the reason why is because like attracts like in the blogging world. In the search section on WP I type in things like 28mm, 40k, Nurgle, Blanchitsu, surrealism, comics, boobs, wargaming, Tau, poetry, Political science, Beer, tanks, lego, toy soldiers, batman and tattoos. two of those topics are false, I’ll leave you to decide which hehe.

All in all Blogging is a great way for me to share my passion and to connect with you lovely lot. Life never gets in the way because I love life and Blogging is a part of my life.



My first, well second actually, post received no likes *sniff* “I’ll be ok, just get me a ten gallon jar of Nutella please.”

Here it is – https://imperialrebelork.wordpress.com/2015/07/01/the-beginning/

I was shy, or at least pretending to be, innocent and unwise.

Then finally some pictures – https://imperialrebelork.wordpress.com/2015/07/01/storenfriede-trouble-makers-german-themed-ork-army/

This army is all formulated in my head. 80% of the models have been built and painted, although I will be repainting a good 50% of that 80% which will mean it’s 40%……. errrr Now I’ve confused myself. yeah Nutella is Ace!

It’s a WWII German Themed Ork army. The Storenfriede (The Troublemakers). It’s big one too. Lot’s of troops, planes, vehicles and even a HUGE ORK FORT which is built but still needs lots of paint and detailing. I am still just as excited about this project as I am allllll the other ones and one day it shall be finished. I used to put pressure on myself to try and finish projects but then I realised WHY? Now I just go with the flow which makes hobby life much more interesting and unrestrained.

As you will see by the pictures I’ve always been inventive but I will definitely need to go back and repaint.

The Penal Legion has always fascinated me. My first taste of such a thing was with the movie The Dirty Dozen. Still one of my all time favourite war movies. I first watched it with dad when I was a little boy living in England. I loved the idea that it was a suicide mission and a bunch of scumbags were assigned to the mission with the promise of being released from prison. The odds were massively stacked against them which is another thing I like. Eg The Alamo, Rorkes Drift, Aliens (2) etc. In the 90s (I think) I read about The Last Chancers lead by the tough old Colonel Shaeffer and I was captivated. I still don’t any of the models, one day I will, but they, along with the dirty dozen movie inspired me to make my own little rag tag penal force.


Again, the painting wasn’t amazing but I really enjoyed putting them together and I think the Orange jumpsuits, despite being stereotypical, really looks quite cool.

It was around this time I started to get some followers. Azazel and Alex were there almost right from the start but more on those fellas later. For now it’s all about me. It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to.

I started my “Wastelanders” project in 2015 which I completed (Apart from a couple of vehicles I have planned and also General Volke) just recently. The Wastelanders became The Blood Rain Cultists.

here is the original post –


Here is the recent –


I really like these guys –

It’s a good example of how, i think, my painting has improved but also the photography. I’m no photographer but with a little research, effort and the right lighting and effect apps you can really create some cool, atmospheric shots.

Towards the end of 2015 I started to dabble more on the dark side and decided on a Chaos army, still in the works of course hehe.

The BIG decision I made in 2015 though was to make a more involved INQ28 Warband. I read about Inquisitors in the 40k world and in the real world and I was immediately drawn in. I google imaged 40k inquisitor conversions and was absolutely blown away. It was around this time that I discovered Blanchitsu as well. WOW!!

I wanted my warband to ooze character and personality so I put in the time and research. I debated with different back stories etc. I scoured the Net looking for just the right models for each character. I even delved into non GW suppliers/manufacturers which opened my eyes a lot.

A BIG YEAR (2016)

Finally, after a lot of work and a few sneaky preview posts I put up my first INQ28 warband. Lord Fendrake and his retinue – see it here –


I was impressed, if I do say so myself, with my achievement. It was my first big project completion and I am still quite proud of it to this day. Lord Julius Fendrake is one my favourite models. A simple conversion and not a bad paint job. I really took my time with painting each character and I think it shows. It was also the first time I started using backdrops for photos.

Lord Julius Fendrake


I want to be buried with this guy haha.

After this epic project I was inspired to make another haha and along came The Scrappers


The weren’t as “regal” as Fendrake but they were just as ballsy and I had a lot of fun putting them together, especially my first BIG scrap build – WarSpite


Throughout 2016 there were several projects on the go, some of the smaller ones did get completed such as The Adeptus Mechanicus warband. See here –


There were several battles fought. see a BIG one here –


Other projects included:

The Judictaors – This is quite a large project that has really taken on a lif of it’s own with more and more characters being added all the time. Admittedly I haven’t worked on it for some time but I am still just as excited about it. Here is some of whats been done so far –

The Judge –


Three of Twelve Jurors –

The Prosecutors –


The Coronatore –


The Grave Robber –


Slaugh and Mumbles – Bounty Hunters/Trackers –

image28 (1)

The Grave Digger –


So many more weird and wonderful characters to come too.

The Crooked man was a bit of a different project for me. A Narrative. Just type in The Crooked man into my search section and you can follow the story. It’s actually lost some traction for me. I’m not sure why exactly but I suspect it’s because I turned my attention to more exciting things like the Revenant Horde of Dark Hallow Project.

Zombies, Skeletons and Ghouls YAYYYyyy… So much fun. Here are some of my faves –

I particularly like the Ghouls. They were a lot more fun to paint than I thought and the lighting I achieved was spot on!

I started a project called Le Carnaval Macabre and by far the star(s) of the show was The King and The Jester –

image6image9image10 (1)image11 (1)

To be honest I was a little nervous about painting the King. I took my time and read up on layering, drybrushing and colour blending. I was chuffed with the results.

March of the flies was/is another project I am fond of. I have been chipping away at it here and there and I am quite proud of this little group –

The Plague warriors of Nurgle

image16 (1)image18 (1)image21 (1)image24

2016 was a big and enjoyable year for the hobby and projects.


WOW! So i thought 2016 was big, sheesh 2017 looks to be shaping up to be even bigger.

One of the best things to of happened is The Chapel.

Little old me was selected to take part in a joint project that strecthes across the globe. Who would of THUNK IT? Huh?

If you have no idea what I’m banging on about check this out –

Those who would brave The Chapel

As is my way I went nuts with excitement and started cutting, carving, glueing and painting like a man possessed haha. I still have a fair few more models to paint but they are NPC’s. The main crew is complete and you can see them all here –


My favourite models from the Retinue are the following:

The Psyker –


The Inquisitor –


The Servitor –


I have been invited to go and play the game in the UK. It’s in September. I’m really hoping I can make it but it depends on the time frame really. If I do go I will definitely be going to Warhammer World as well. That would be very cool but the coolest thing, by far, would be meeting some of my blogger/hobby heroes. Namely and npo…

Wudugast – https://convertordie.wordpress.com/author/pstagg/

This guy is a master painter (loves a bit of rust) and a wordsmith with an amazing way of putting across what he wants. His posts draw me in from the cryptic, playful, song titles to the dark edgy pictures of his superbly put together minis. His attention to detail is inspring in his own work but alarming when he scrutinizes my work haha. He really needs to write a book. Hell i’d read the bus timetable if he was the author that’s how good this man is. He has a wicked sense of humour and I’ll admit that sometimes I do need to re-read what he has said to really get the joke but that’s down to my own unworldliness I suspect haha.

Alex from Leadballoony – https://leadballoony.com/

This fella strikes me as the kind of bloke who everyone would get along with. He always has a kind word to say and is very witty, albeit not quite as DAD-JOKE-ISH as I am haha. His work, especially his painting, is nothing less than phenomenal! Seriously, he can paint such fine detail that it defies the imagination. He likes his old school lead minis mostly but dabbles a lot in all sorts. He even painted a couple of Hare statues recently haha. He’s also a brilliant writer so be sure to check out his stories.

Thomas over at – https://hightimesontheeasternfringe.wordpress.com/

This guy knows how to use greenstuff and his conversions leave me with a wide open mouth! His painting is top notch too plus he’s a friendly fella who has often offered up pieces of useful advice to me.

Remnante – https://minueturvita.wordpress.com/

This guy pisses me off!!!! Only because he doesn’t post anywhere nearly as much as I want him too haha. His work astounds  me. He certainly has his own bleak style which is really quite haunting. He’s a wonderful chap.

Of course I can’t forget the main man himself… Mark over at – https://heresyofus.com/

This guys work is well out of the box. Crazy long whispy wraiths that are creepy as hell to very cool looking Plague Marines. He is the mastermind behind the Chapel project and I very much look forward to shaking his hand one day.

Others I’d love to make you aware of if you are not already are as follows:

Azazels Bitz Box – https://azazelx.wordpress.com/

He is a true hero of the hobby world. His painting makes mine look like a blind chimpanzee was let loose with some crayons. Check out his freehand work. Mind blowingly good.

I’m not sure if you have any randoms that you follow and who may follow you too but my favourite is Ignitedmoth – https://ignitedmoth.wordpress.com/

She is so lovely but I am not quite sure how we became connected across the Bloggosphere but I am glad we did. Her Blog covers everything from Comic book reviews to banana bread and her writing style is free flowing and fun to read.

Another lady blogger I suggest you check out is Ann – https://annwycoff.wordpress.com/

Her battle reports are very cool.

Now this next bloke is very quick witted and always manages to make me smile with his comments. He seems like the kind of bloke I could sit at a pub with and solve the worlds problems over several pints of whatever is on offer. For some reason his posts don’t show up in my feed but now I know where he is there’s no hiding haha. Check out Rogers page – https://rantingsfromunderthewargamestable.wordpress.com/ Much like Alex he likes a bit of old school.

Mr Heretic is a lovely chap too and has some awesome conversions. – https://heretic30k.wordpress.com/

This next chap is to blame for my new love and plan to make a pirate island with ships etc. Check out Mikko over at – https://dawnofthelead.com/

Meet – https://templeofthutmos.wordpress.com/

He’s a new comer and in actual fact I think it was I that persuaded him to open up a WP. He is nearly as addicted to making more and more models as i am haha.

One more I’d like to make special mention of is Turkadactyl – https://turkadactyl.com/

A really nice bloke who is a brilliant painter and his output is extraordinary.

There are so many more lovely bloggers and hobbyists out there people, just look.

Now I kind of went off on a tangent there a bit…

Where were we… ?

Ahh yes 2017 so far.

So yes The Chapel has gone a little nuts for me, which is a good thing. On Marks request I built three nice terrain pieces and sent them over to him. I’ve lost count of how many models I’ve built and painted but there are more to be painted. I’ve also been writing a little story which is a bit more than just fluff. I am super pumped about this project!

Other projects on the go that I’ve made a start on or added to are: (If you want to see/read more just search the titles in my search section)

March of the Flies – Just built the Lord Pestilence (Yesterdays post). Today I built some more lovely plague/nurgle warriors. I’ve also got six fly/drone things coming and some horrid characters.

Outgard – I haven’t done heaps on this but both warbands (goodies and baddies) have been built. Apart from painting them I don’t think it’ll go too much further. Possibly some steampunk type terrain too.

image14 (1)image32image36image38 (1)image43image48

AOS28 – Wow I was/am quite excited about this project. It’s very much what I love which is converting but I’ve tried to push myself, creatively, and I think it’s working.

The Purge Cardinals – I’ve always wanted my own space marine army and, finally, I have made a start. There is lots to do but I am determined to take my time with this one to get it just right.

World Eaters – This one I actually have completed and I am really pleased with it. They didn’t perform too well in battle but at least they look super cool haha.


A Mordheim Nightmare – This was a project I was going to throw myself into for 2017 but then The Chapel happened haha. I am still keen to get stuck into it though.


Other projects I hope to, at least, start this year are two Bolt Action armies and the Pirates project. The Bolt action one is ready to go as I have all the kits etc. With the Pirates all I have are three lovely (Toy) ships I need to convert.


Look guys, you may or may not have cottoned on to the fact that i quite like this little hobby of mine haha. It’s become such a passion for me. I am very fortunate in life and have lovely kids and an amazing wife so I don’t need much else but this is a throw back to my childhood which, for a long time, I missed. I don’t miss it anymore because I’m a happy man. I’ll always be a big kid and that helps make me… me.



35 thoughts on “Happy 2nd Birthday to me… A look through the years.”

  1. Happy birthday, mate! And an awesome post – great to see so much of your work in one place and the progression of your many projects!

    And big thanks for the shout out! You were indeed the one that finally talked me into taking the word press/blogging plunge, and I’m definitely grateful for it! Cheers!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s been a great couple of years, here’s to many more to come!
    Even now I’m still outstanded by the quality and speed of your work. I wish I could match it (as you’ve pointed out haha)
    Your judicators are fab and my favourite project of yours. I just love the concept behind them!
    And I share your love for Nutella 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Super stuff all round mate, I love the dark twisted stuff you turn out (and at such a prodigious rate too!). The king and Jester I think were the stand out pieces for me, along with you “Throne of Bones” (still got to have a go at one of them myself).

    Many thank for the shout out, I think we probably could sort out the world (couldn’t do any worse than the idiots running it at the moment!!) Though I’m afraid I wouldn’t be much use in a pub as I can’t drink these days due to the medication I’m on (curse this bowel of mine!!).

    I’ve never been tempted to venture onto twitter/facebook etc.. the great thing about blogging is you get to relate to people with the same hobby/ interests as you, so instead of having to talk about the world, we get to talk about OUR WORLDS, and they are so much better than the real ones! Having said that…..are there really blogs out there about boobs?? (sorry forget I asked….I’ll search for myself) So unless my IP kicks me off for inappropriate searches, keep up the good work and talk to you soon.

    Cheers Roger.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. My brain just overloaded – I think I might need to set aside a day to try & go thought studying all of that in detail. Just love your King & Jester duo – such an iconic idea and it works so well. Best thing about blogs like this is that there is such a sense of love of the hobby & celebration of the craft involved which is inspiring. There is way too much shitty negativity on twitter & facebook in the hobbyspace – especially against GW (which I have to say really isn’t justified as they seem to be firing all on cylinders these days in terms of community engagement & quality of output).

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Woo! Congrats on your blog’s 2nd birthday!! 😀
    I know exactly what you mean about needing “you” time with hobbies and such. I think I would lose my mind if I didn’t write, draw, blog, read, etc.
    And omg YES, Nutella! lmao That stuff is sooo good. I made a no-bake nutella cheesecake before and it was just heavenly.
    I love that you included so many links to your older posts, too. It really shows the ways your craft has evolved over these last 2 years. I always like to see that kind of thing when it comes to people’s art stuff. 🙂 It shows how you are always progressing and the passion you have for what you do!
    Aw, and thank you so much for the shout out, by the way! I’m honored! 😀 I’m really glad we became blogging pals. It’s always a pleasure to chat with you and see all the bad ass creations you’ve made. Best of luck to you with your current and upcoming projects. I can’t wait to see what else you come up with by your THIRD blog birthday! 😛

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Wow – two years eh! Happy Blogday mate! Your abilities as a hobbyist have come on a million miles over the last 24 months, I’m looking forward to seeing how much more they’ve got to go before you reach the four year milestone 🙂 Thanks very much for the glowing review of my own work as well, consider me hugely complimented once again by your kind words. Now enough of this group hug – get back to painting you slacker!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. What a great read, congratulations on the blogging progress! It was really fun seeing your various projects (man, you’re industrious), keep up the great work. Thanks muchly for the shout out, very much appreciated and I’m happy you’re liking my pirate tinkerings!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Lots of great work. That’s the nice thing with keeping a blog is seeing your work improve over time. You’ve been a busy bee. It’s been a treat to see these projects expand. Happy birthday! And thanks for the shout out!

    Liked by 1 person

  9. As usual, I’m running behind on keeping up with posts! Really like this one and I’ve had a good chortle to myself, mainly over the Nutella and facebook comments. I like your straightforward style, so is there any chance you can get over to the UK for June and set up a government for us? If not, just keep blogging!
    Great stuff,

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Great stuff, and although we work in different genres or with different end-goals in mind, so much of your ruminating resonates — thanks! I wonder if a table-top match between the Storenfriede and a straight-up WW2 host of any nationality (Germans trying to wipe out [or harness?] their mutant cousins?) would be fun??

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