A prelude to paint – March of the flies part 5.

Evening all.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to get some good paint time in with my Nurgle project called “March of the flies”

Those who await paint are pictured, as a sneaky preview, below. Some are base coated some have just been put together tonight. Some have migrated over from my AOS28 project. They can bat for both teams, swing both ways haha.

Lets see what I can achieve, paintwise, tomorrow.




9 thoughts on “A prelude to paint – March of the flies part 5.”

    1. I’m planning on approaching the painting a little differently. Splash em with odd colours and then dry brush and then detail and then wash and then dry brush again. My challenge is to see how many I can get done without making them look rushed.

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  1. Ah Nurgle, easily one of my top four favourite Chaos gods. Some great ideas in this little lot mate, looking forward to getting a better look at them as they come off the painting desk. How do you find working over a white basecoat by the way? I’m told it can be the basis of some great effects but I’ve found it to be the source of my greatest hobby headaches and my bitterest bouts of paint-related rage.

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    1. I usually only work in black or really, really dark grey hehe. With white I find the colours to be more vibrant. Such as with my Crooked man project. I only used white this time because I’m out of black. Let’s see what happens. Top four you say hehe 😉

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