Lord Pestilence Complete – March of the Flies part 6.

I was hoping to get a lot more painting done today than I did but I’m still happy with what I achieved. I finished base coating and added several dry brushes to the whole gang then I went hell for leather on Lord Pestilence.


I’m really quite pleased with how he’s turned out. I wanted him to look mouldy and rusty and rotten. One thing I think I could have improved on is more goop or Nurgle rot on the horse. He looks a bit clean compared to his rider.


The rusted bells give him a nice “off ya bloody rocker” kind of vibe.






It’s actually the first horse I’ve ever painted and I wanted it to white or light to contrast the dark greens of the armour etc.







I added a little blood to the two large pustules on his lower back. Make it look even more vile.






I think Nurgle is fast becoming my favourite things to paint. So much fun. My approach was fairly simple. Blob on a whole bunch of colours then wash then detail then dry brush.

Let me know what you think? 😊



35 thoughts on “Lord Pestilence Complete – March of the Flies part 6.”

  1. “I looked, and behold, an ashen horse; and he who sat on it had the name Death”
    – Revelations.

    You’ve really done a lovely job on him mate, both in the conversion and the painting. The contrast between the pale horse and the filthy armour and tormented fleshy bulk of the lord really makes the whole piece stand out.

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    1. There’s a man goin round takin names and he decides who to free and who to blame – Johnny Cash – When a man comes around. First heard it in the opening scenes of Dawn of the Dead (2004). Brilliant song. It has the revelations quote at the beginning of the song. Thanks Wudu, I’m glad you like him. I was considering another colour other than the typical green but when it’s not broken…

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  2. Sweet work! Any chance we’ll be seeing Lord War, Lord Death and Lord Famine as well? Not that I’m trying to trick you into another side project…but I am, obviously.

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    1. He’s as bad “ass” as bad “ass” can be. Funny how Americans say ASS and we English saw ARSE. Bad Arse doesn’t have the same ring to it. Same as JackArse. Anyway, thank you I’m pleased you like him.

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      1. Yeah boi! Only for today though – off to the USofA in the morning. No painting for 2 more weeks, but at least I’ll have interwebs so I can keep up with you crazy kids 🙂

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