The Knight Reborn – March of the Flies part 7.

“What is it my son, why do you weep?” King Jerome asked his son and heir, Theo.

“I weep with joy father, for today is the day… My day… MY DAY TO RULE!” With that Theo turned and faced his father, his king, and threw a King Krait snake into his face. The fangs of the slithering devil sank deep into King Jerome’s cheek. The King roared with pain but more with anger and wrenched the reptile from his face and hurled it into the fireplace of the throne room where the flames engulfed it’s wriggling body. Jerome glared at his son, “What is this boy?” he wailed, his vision already becoming foggy, his head light. He stumbled forward and Theo sidestepped allowing his weakening father to collapse to the flagstone floor. “I am done with you father, I am done with your rule over this kingdom. I have found something better.” Theo said through gritted teeth as he watched his father go into death spasms.

“Papa… I am ready now Papa… I am your servant. Please take me into your diseased embrace. Teach me, love me, let me suckle on the pus that seeps from your breast. I wish to be filled with the rot and live forever Papa.”

Here we have the next addition to my March of the Flies (Nurgle Project)

A Knight Reborn –

His new name is Hamlyn The Shamed.




I can’t tell you all how much I am enjoying painting these Nurgle Minis. I didn’t have too much of a plan when it came to converting them or painting them really. A loose idea I guess.


I’m really pleased with the axe head. Heavily rusted.



I wanted Hamlyn to look like a brute who either found a Knights helmet and popped it on or was actually once a Knight himself. Obviously as the fluff is now cemented in place I guess he’s the latter.





If you look close you can see some shimmering gold through the muck and goop on his armour.


My favourite parts to this chap is his Helmet (Emperor know’s what is under it YIPE!), His axe, his shield and the arrow in it.

He was fun to paint, not quite as much fun as Lord Pestilence but fun all the same.

Still a fair few additions to come so if you love Nurgle and pus and rot keep watching this space.



19 thoughts on “The Knight Reborn – March of the Flies part 7.”

  1. Really nice work as always, the moment I say this chap I was reminded of the “Diablo” (computer game) novel “Legacy of Blood”, in which a poor unfortunate becomes trapped in a possessed suit of tyrannical armour. A good read if you ever see it by the way.

    Cheers Roger.

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  2. Great work again. The detail on the shield gives it a nice touch. Reminds me of the better old school era of GW.

    As an aside I always like how Nurgle represents the more generously proportioned gentleman.



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    1. All the bits are from Games workshop. Mostly from the Blightkings kit and then I added a head/helmet from the Bretonnian kit. GW gets the rough end of the stick sometimes but I’ve always been very happy with their vast selection.

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      1. Drowning in work, buddy. It’s been insane the last month or so. But it is clearing up a bit and I should get my groove back shortly. My fingers are itching.

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      2. I’ll give you a clue/teaser on what I’m working on (just a concept in my head so far but still something) – I call them Aether Wolves.


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